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Ubuntu Concept

This is a concept user interface for Ubuntu.

The first screen just shows a basic view with the dock on the left, showing open and pinned apps (in the order open pinned apps, open non-pinned apps, non-open pinned apps) This auto hides when apps are fullscreen but is accessible through the left hand edge. In the top right there is a classic wing-panel-esque applet area, which floats above windows.

The second screen shows a full screened app, with the applet area still showing over the top over the application title bar, allowing the user constant access to the information and settings it provides.

The third screen show the dash search, accessible by pressing the super key. Lenses are at the bottom (the selected one being a complete search, using all of the currently installed lenses). There is space at the side for any filters lenses allow.

Made in Inkscape 0.48 (with a little bit of GIMP)
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