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Ubuntu Concept 2

The first screen shows a login screen, with preferences and accessibility settings in the top right corner.

The second screen show dock settings, with the option to add docklets (like docky has), including workspace switcher, trash and activate dash button.

The third shows a view where the dash has been activated and the applications lens has been selected, but no search has been made yet. This would show all of the available applications, letting users see what they have installed, which is more difficult to do in the current system. The application has its named displayed (but stripped of any purpose, eg Gedit not Gedit Text Edtor), so that each app has its own individual branding, but each with a short description that tells users what they can use the app for.

Made in Inkscape 0.48
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This is really nice, simple and unique. This one should be used most definitely! 
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i really like the login screen...  +1
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(1) The Dock Settings (Launcher Settings in Unity terminology) tool is a must need. Unity Tweak Tool provides most of these settings but not in as straightforward manner as your concept. And also, Unity Tweak Tools isn't included in Ubuntu by default yet.
(2) The login screen looks great too. But, i'd rather have something similar to current Unity Greeter login screen, but with user icons and more Unity like feel. I wish if Unity Greeter was themeable and we could change themes like GDM. That being said, Unity Greeter is more like a theme for LightDM, with some GTK engine or HTML engines as alternatives.
(3) Your concept Application lens doesn't look so good to me. I like the one from Ubuntu 13.10's Unity 7. But, like you said, the App lens should show all available apps in a expanded view by default.
Great concepts, you should contact the Ayatana Project design team at launchpad!
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WOW, thats Great
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It fit with a netbook screen.
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i'm made a theme based on this concept and based on pantheon-webkit-gretter
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I have a mockup too =)
I hope Canonical will use this concept for Unity!
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Someone should develop LightDM's greeter...
Very good!
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Very, very good. I like the indicator without panel which remains visible when the window is maximized.
In the dash, put Lenses on the left side instead of down.
The login page is clean and cool. Love it!
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Great work, I just published it in my Linux Customization pinboard on pinterest : [link]
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This is a million times an improvement over the current Unity design. I'd surely preach this to anybody like a mad priest if this would be implemented.
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I jumped off the unity ship the day elementary Jupiter arrived.
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This would certainly break globalmenu though which is very important for apps such as Libre Office but I think a combination of LIM and HUD could more than make up for that. How would you integrate HUD into this awesome design?
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Maybe like gnome search where the search box comes from beneath the title bar.
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Globalmenu I think is very useful on small screens, but on large screens higher resolution is not practical especially when using the mouse.
The Menu Bar could be shown in place of the Title Bar when the application window has the focus. The title of the window only show when the window has no focus. Do you think?
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