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Tap Reboot

Preview of the new icons for the reboot of the tap project.

CellWriter Character Map Desktop
Music/Beatbox Photos Videos
Midori Chrome Firefox

I wasn't happy with the browser icons previously, mainly because they were all pretty much the same, so also quite hard to distinguish. The Chrome icon was the most difficult, taking around 1/2 an hour for just the one size.

Note on CellWriter inclusion
The project was originally about providing icons for a tablet, and this is a cool app that lets you input text by writing it in cells. It was also the app that got me to try Linux in the first place, which I always find kind of funny.

Expect more to come!

Made in Inkscape 0.48
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May I have the Shotwell icon?and the Desktop icon?
Thank You
~ mamemame187
Looks awesome. Eagerly waiting for it :)
any info on when it will be out?
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I'm super busy at school at the moment, but have just had some time freed up, and so I will hope to have around 50 icons done in 7 sizes in a few weeks time, when it will be released. Each subsequent release will have maybe 10 icons added, since when you add in the different sizes, 10 icons is actually 70.
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I've been stuck using the Elementary theme and icons for several Ubuntu releases, and until now, I haven't been able to find anything I'd want to replace the Elementary icons with.

I've been tempted to finish just enough of your "Tap Icons Preview" set so I could use it, but I haven't got around to it, so I'm happy to hear that you intend on releasing soon. Can't wait for the release.
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nice. It's pretty!
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excelent concept. impressive!!!
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Thanks! These are actually not just a concept, but the first release will be in a few weeks (as svg files)!
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will there be bigger icons too? =) - maybe like 90x90? (i could use em for my android miui theme :D - would be pretty awesome)
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The icons will be released in 16px, 22px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 64px, and 128px sizes in a .svg file format.
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hmmmm are they vectors? so i can resize em? =/
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Yes, .svg stands for "Scalable Vector Graphics"
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:DDDD jeah <3 - can i request android icons then too? - or can u make a template or something like this - i could do a whole theme maybe?
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The .svgs will be editable, so you can make your own, however I will not be making android icons.
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This looks simply awesome. Keep up the work, because what you make is amazing...
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they are awesome!
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they are awesome!
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Thank you! I couldn't resist: [link]
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Your avatar was so similar, it's uncanny.
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