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Rebound of Pantheon Greeter

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This is a rebound of DanRabbit's Pantheon Greeter: [link]

Whilst I liked the look, I felt that certain alignment and spacing issues could be fixed, particularly around the login box.

The background can be found here: [link]

- Reduced padding to elementary standard
- Changed guest session icon
- Blurred and darkened wallpaper
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Really looking forward to the day when this is usable
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can you share psd?
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Open sans and Droid sans
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Thanks :) Btw, it's just an idea or possible to use this? :)
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The original that this is an edit of is being used in elementary luna
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Any idea when Luna will be out? :D We're waiting so long :D
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The official time is "When it is ready", although I think they could at least have provided an alpha or beta image by now. One problem is they keep nearly getting to release then either something major breaks or they decide to rewrite a large user interface aspect, eg the window manager, which keeps pushing back the release.
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I see :/ But now really they should release an alpha, everyone is waiting :D
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much better than original.
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perfect,i would love to see it in action
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I like almost everything except for the avatar for the non-selected user, and the guest session. I think it would look a lot better, and more clean, if the avatar was only displayed for a selected user. Also, for guest session, I think that you should get rid of the avatar completely. As well as place some sort of small icon associated with the word "guest" next to "Guest Session" -- as it is done next to "Daniel Fore."
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Dang. Release that Luna guys, I want it bad.
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no download of the modified files for those that dont know HTML?
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This is just a concept, not a real design, although the elementary project will make something similar for luna
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Its a mockup lol
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You made it a lot sleeker
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