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Phone Concept (elementary)



An elementary phone concept design, using a single physical home button. (Numbering top to bottom, left to right)

1. Standard application view (application name & symbolic ion in top left, system indicators on top right, then main toolbar and application content)
2. Application launcher (opens on single press of home button, double press auto selects search field)
3. Notifications (standard drag from top, possibly add WiFi/Bluetooth/Rotation etc toggles here)
4. Incoming call (same as standard popup view)
5. Running applications/application switcher (accessed by long press of home button - needs work since it is basically the same as android currently)
6. Lockscreen (could do with notification support)

UPDATE 28/5/13
1. Smaller status bar, app name removed, clock centred.
2. Function toggles and larger notifications.
3. Full screen call interface with icons instead of text.
4. New application switcher idea. Far from done, but a definite improvement over the previous one.
5. New lock screen with notifications, emergency calling and quick camera access.
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Looks cool. I want to make the same design for my new project of home extension that hosted on WordPress.