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Notifications Plug

Plugs are a part of Elementary's new app Switchboard, designed to control system settings (like notifications here) and be modular.


SVG available upon request
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Just beautiful, because of this I decided to download the ElementaryOS [link] :)
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Nice, although this will not be available until the next release.
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Damn, this would be awesome.
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This is in development at the moment
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If I may suggest something, how about a vertical design? As in, applications on the left and notification settings on the right.
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Possibly for wider screens
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I am working right now with a friend, to realize such a plug! :D
alfalive's avatar
Awesome. Realy good
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This looks absolutely awesome!
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I could see a similar design for customization of Plank!
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What with themes and position at the top and plugins at the bottom.
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It is a useful option to have. However, I do think that an option to restore the default settings should also be present....

What do you say ?
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I think so to, not just in this but in all the plugs.
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would such a notification plug be realizable o.0? how can we do that ?
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I'm just a designer, don't ask me.
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Looks good. But the size of the upper content seems fixed so Is there really a need to resize the horizontal pane?
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Maybe not, it is mainly to separate the two halves.
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I hope Elementary Luna will be awesome! :)
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Thanks for the watch!
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Wow!!! Congratulations!
If this is in Luna, I'll be a very happy person.
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Thank you for the :+fav:!
Gusions's avatar
Fantastic, you rock!
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