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New Presentation Concept

A new presentation concept. First view is that with a slide selected but no tool selected.
The second is with the text tool selected and editing text.

This could be my last one for a while since I'm moving to start Uni next week.
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Hey Caleb! Just wanted to let you know that your concept has become a reality :)…
Thi is really pretty, is there anything out there that even comes close to this design approach?
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This concept should be a reality. mm.
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At first I though this looked a bit like gnome ease. But looking at screenshots from it this is way better looking.
I can just see how you have though about how this should be used, instead of just adding buttons for functions.
Ease might be a good base for this concept to become a actual application.

Good work and good luck at Uni.
Can you share those background images in the sample presentation?
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they are just gradients so just use they eyedropper to sample them
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really nice, but how can you close this app ? ;)
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You don't!
(Overly attached app) 
I'm not sure about the dark theme here... It would be ok to have a dark ui while presenting, but why during the content creation?
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I tried it with the light UI and it didn't seem to work that well, which is why I went with the dark.
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I prefer to work with dark themes in the content creation. It´s really nice, and i think it´s the main reason for the good looking of your concept. Great Idea. 
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I really like it :D
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For now it is only a graphical mockup of the interface, right? Because this is a thrilling inspiration... This is visual bacon. I like this very much. I think it is even better than Apple's Keynote (which I used to love since I have a Mac). That would suit elementary OS perfectly.
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...but 4:3 slides? Aren't those kind of... retro? =D
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Very elegant. I love the colors :)
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Yes, something like this is needed. Most, if not all presentation apps look pretty bad (esp. LibreOffice).
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My favourite is probably the Google docs one, but that still has its limitations.
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You never cease to amaze. Now if only they looked this good in reality when they're all coded up ;P
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The problem, especially with LibreOffice is with so many people working on it wanting so many different feature rather than implementing a smart plugin system like eOS does they wind up with a million function that most people never uses and a user interface that has to be cluttered to cope.
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