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Elementary AppCentre Concept

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A concept for a software installer/update manager for elementary. Fairly self explanatory, with the first screen being the home screen, the second a single application view and the third the updates screen.
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Just offering a perception that came in from a first glance - color of icon / button background of uninstalled / installing / installed is the same? how about indicating status more saliently?
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Oh, wow. This needs to happen. I heard AppCentre is coming in the Isis release - if it's anything like this, it's going to be great.
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would be great if it seem more to the chrome web store
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I would love to see it in my eOS.
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Your concept is perfect!
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some ideas: maybe change the color of the update button orange to blue,maybe instead of the arrow the number of how many updates,centralize the total size : )
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It's clean and simple: Just elementary should be :D Good job man :D
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I love the whole thing but I do have 1 thing I would like to point out. I think that the updates and download buttons on the title bar should not be replaced by the All Applications>Office>Writer. Otherwise it is totally awesome! Keep up the good work
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1) The top banner is really stunning but the info and the checked icon bother me.
2) I don't think the info button is needed because if the user wants to get information about the app he will simply click on the app icon itself.
3) I would replace the AppCenter icon by a home icon on the main toolbar.
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I want to make this so bad. You have no idea. I've been sitting here wanting to make an eOS App Store... But someone's already doing it so it's better I wait and see what they come up with.
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Why don't you contact Mario and work together :) I'm sure he'd love some help. Check out the code at code.launchpad.net/appcenter
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Mario has done great work with AppCenter, and I think it looks good; I'll try to submit bug fixes and the like. However, after looking at AppCenter I can easily say I would do it 90% different than it is currently. I feel that because it's centered around Ubuntu's Software Center, PackageKit, and APT it is highly limited in what it can and cannot do. I personally am not Ok with that. I've spoken to Fabian a bit about my idea's.

If I were to build one or work on one it would be from the ground up. That's why I haven't started or planned to work on one. I do not want to undermine what Mario is doing and make it seem like his work is in vain.
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AFAIK, we're not tied into USC at all. It's built on libappstore which is a collaboration with the Light Software Center (Lubuntu) guys. So, I think if you wanted to mess with backend stuff, you'd want to hack on libappstore.
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What if you use installed checked buttons in green and those for download in blue?
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Really great mock as always, but the margins are too tight. For the second concept I propose you something like this: [link]
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