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Maglor, second son of Fëanor.

Not mine. I had a book in which Cherif Fortin was featured, and a friend scanned it, so maybe I should not upload it, but I always use this gentleman as Maglor in my 'verse, and I cannot find a Maglor image like this on DA to add to my Fanfiction Look-a-Likes collection.
I have a few of *Maglor,* (Okay, I have no idea who he was supposed to really be, but since I use him for Maglor, I will call him Maglor *g*) scanned from that book so I will try and find them in the sinkhole that is my HD. O_o

Maglor, in my verse, is very like his father, Fëanor in looks, and Maglor's son, Tindómion is very much like Maglor, save with bronze hair. There is a great familial likeness in the houses of Fëanor and Fingolfin.
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I love this! It reminds me of the fantasy character in my own novel.... and that character created me as much as I created him. At one point, when I lost everything in my life, this character was my reason to live. It's amazing to see a portrait that feels so similar to him.

Too bad you didn't know who the artist was. :(Do you remember the title of the book? I would buy it just to find out!