Biped Prototype Update

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Work on the Biped Prototype continues slowly but steadily. I have the body basically complete. I had to try the under-leg and under-leg to body sewing multiple times.

I am using Adam Humphrey's Biped Pony Plushie 09 pattern. The under-leg B to A seam confused me for a while. After that, I had problem with the fabric bunching up when doing the B to C belly seam. Still, I finally succeeded.

The next step is to work on the arms. I need to decide whether to use doll joints or armatures.

Body by SpiceAndDragons
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this pic is super helpful, I recently purchased this pattern, and while I don't consider myself a beginner (I'm certainly no expert!) so the legs have given me some trouble. Do you, perhaps, have a picture similar to this of the back and/or side? I would super appreciate it if you could share one! 

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I'm by no means an expert. I just started sewing (at all) in November, and I am just learning too. Good luck.

Unfortunately, I just completed the pattern, and I don't have any other pictures.

I'll try to give some advice in the order of the instructions.
1.a. For this step, fold the fabric so that the Point B above Point A is on top of the Point B below Point A. Pin and then sew from A to B. It is hard to get the full seam length, so go as long as you can. It took me 3 tries to understand this step and then get it right.

2.a. This one is very tricky. Spend a significant time pinning the fabric. You need to stretch the fabric before pinning. I pinned parallel along the seam. Then I added ten or so additional pins around the fabric just to try and keep things from moving. I left ~1/2" from each end of the seam when I was first going through with the machine then I came back and got the ends later.

3. The body section of the pattern is spread across two pages. One trick that I always use is to print the pattern on one page. I take Photoshop and join the pieces of the pattern together. Then I print the pattern on 11x17 paper.

3.d. I actually missed this step and just came back at the end and hand sewed the reinforcement around the doll joint.

Those are the main tricks that I used. If you have any questions, let me know.
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Hmm, you've sharply underscored a thing I've been meaning to do, make a video showing that particular seam. ^^; It's definitely a tricky one since you're actually matching slightly different lengths. It'd probably be a little tricky for me since I haven't done it in a little bit. ^^'

So I'm glad you mentioned that, it's something I need to shoot on my next test iteration. :eager: