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[RELEASE] RUFUS_SHINRA v.1.5 by Sphiratrioth

* Rufus Shinra from Final Fantasy [EIN, JACKY, LEON, HAYATE]
One of my favourite characters from the series. Had to go for compromises with his clothes but he looks pretty decent! With a version 1.5 I may say that he's finally complete and I am happy with a mod in general :-)

Includes 3 different variations:

1. RUFUS_SHINRA = a normal suit
2. RUFUS_SHINRA_BIG-SUIT = bigger lapels of the suit - I couldn't decide which looks better so it's up to you :-P
3. RUFUS_SHINRA_LONG = a longer suit/coat, which looks more like the one he used to wear in the CGI-animated movie.

Enjoy and install as always - through AutoLink - drop it on your desired character's folder.
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