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[RELEASE] DMC_VERGIL v.1.5 by Sphiratrioth

Vergil from Devil May Cry! :-) ~ ~ ~ by Sphiratrioth ~ ~ ~ v.1.5

It may be one of the most detailed outfits you'll ever download for DoA-5 game :-P
Really, I had to hand-draw every small detail and shadow, edit, spend hours on Google, edit once again...
Now enjoy the last ultimate v.1.5 of my Devil May Cry collection :-)

Includes a few different variations with lots of updated custom details.
1.) VERGIL_BLUE-WHITE = blue coat, white dragon pattern, 5 forehand belts;
2.) VERGIL_BLUE-GOLD = blue coat, golden dragon pattern, 5 forehand belts;
3.) VERGIL_GOLD-BUCKLES = blue coat, golden dragon pattern, 5 forehand belts, 3 forehand buckles;                       
4.) VERGIL_RED = red coat, golden dragon pattern, 5 forehand belts
5.) VERGIL_FULL_DRAGON-ARMS = just like VERGIL_BLUE-WHITE but with some different finish of the dragon pattern and 3 forehand belts.
I couldn't work out how to lead it over his back so I did something different. The textures file is tricky, forgive me :-)

* EXTRA: 2 HAIR FILES: one white (like an original) and... oneblonde Vergil if you wish.
Convenient for use with any other outfits. Just take the hair set and you've got a Vergil's face anywhere you need.

--> a set of custom cowboy boots with golden fittings and carvings - included in all of my mods from now on :-)


Download AutoLink 3.30+ tool for DoA5, drop the folder named "01" in your AutoLink character's directory.
It might look like this: D:\Games\Program Files (x86)\Steam\(...)\Dead or Alive 5 Last Round\AutoLink\EIN
--> assuming you want to install a mod for Ein. Any other character should work fine. Choose the ones you need.

Enjoy and give me some feedback :-) I like to know what you think instead of only downloading and using in silence.
If you like it, tell me. If not - show place for improvements :-)

© 2018 - 2022 Sphiratrioth
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My own request to all of you:

Could you possibly make a few screenshots with different versions of my mod and send them to me for upload? I do not have time for creating poses, working on beautiful pictures for my mods. The outfits are very detailed themselves, require much time and much work so I would be grateful :-) If you like and you're a pro - please - take some pictures of this :-)

Thank you for your consideration, Sphiratrioth :-)