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The Moth Rose

At long last, a new piece before the sand in 2008's glass is run. This piece was done as a trade with another artist: a maker of Native American Style wooden flutes by the name of Ed Dougherty. He crafted me a flute in the key of high B out of a marvelous redwood burl with prima vera endcaps, and in exchange I did a lovely faery portrait for his daughter. Its intended recipient received it today and from what I hear she is very pleased with her belated Christmas gift. You can see a photo of my new flute on his homepage: Tree of Life Designs.

He told me a little bit about what she likes: bright colors, pink roses, the night sky alight with moon and stars, etc. and I went from there. This is a bit of a different avenue from my preferred emphasis in Faery art, but I didn't get the impression that dark and brooding was what would suit her best ;)

It also have me the opportunity to illustrate moth wings which is something I have been wanting to do for a while. (Mind you, I'm not universally opposed to wings - I just think that for most artists they have become a crutch when depicting faeries and are included compulsively rather than with care and intention.)

This image is something of a speculation on the mythical origins of moths. Perhaps they are so attracted to light because of some sympathy with their birth place: a very special sort of rose glowing pink at the edges, the color of the illuminated thinness of flesh when cupped over a flashlight, with petals of tattered wings unfurled on a certain night, releasing them into the sky. The dust from their soft bodies, an interstellar medium, swirled, collided, and caught in its own momentum. Thus the stars sparked to life. Yeats speaks of "moth-like stars flickering out" in The Song of the Wandering Aengus, and maybe he had the same idea.

Size: 8 x 10 inches
Media: Prismacolor colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic, colored ink
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This is purely amazing!!!! :)
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Ooooh beautiful, but weird. In a good way.
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like the wings on the ear unique
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This piece was featured on! [link]
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Original, and well drawn!!!:heart::):heart::) :iconcolorheartsplz::icondance-4u:
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absolutly gorgeus, I have never seen such a peice that is so unique and different!!!!
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This is really amazing. I love your choice of colors, especially on the moth wings.
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I love the eyes and the crescent moon...just beautiful
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Absolutely's a great thing to come back to after such a long time away from Deviantart....lovely, lovely work as always.thanks!
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Your artwork is featured here: [link]
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This is a very interesting idea.
Did you use colouring pencils or mixed media?

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Thank you. This is a mixed media piece which incoporates colored pencil.
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Hello! I've featured this piece in my journal ([link]) and in a news ([link]). Please, fave it so your work will get more views :)
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This is soo pretty! I love the soft colors.
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Oh, that is beautiful. I love the color combinations and detail of the wings. I do agree with you on the wings part; I find most faerie art to be rather boring, since most of it just seems to be women with butterfly/dragonfly wings.
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She looks so dream-like and beautiful! What a wonderful trade!
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Hi :wave: featured this beautiful artwork in my journal [link]
:hug: thankyou for sharing your wonderful talent :clap:
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