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Doodle-Demon-Contemplates-Your-Existence by Davesrightmind
Sketch #1 by MorkarDFC
Volrath, the Shapestealer by KilartDev
Jason Felix  MTGMH1 splicersSKILL by jason-felix
The First Sphere-A False Nature
Valley of the moving Flesh by Skullbastard
technofreak by chrzan666
Yawgmoth's Will Fan Art by BryanFR
Insectoid creature 01 by Callergi
The Second Sphere-Dark Realm of War Machines
Phyrexian Soulgorger by Gnawsink
Narcturias the Behemoth of Night by Stoskri
JUL 08 - Phyrexian Creature by Aerozopher
Phyrexian Colossus by The-Necromancer
The Third Sphere-The Pipe Maze
Phyrexian Dreams by zelurs
Zheeb by ramsesmelendeze
Some Concept by Faraone
Ungleiche Wanderer by Aerozopher
The Fourth Sphere-Armies and Furnaces
operator by Skirill
Phyrexian Flayer by WanderingInPixels
Sketch A Day 09:  Phyrexian by eternal10k
The Fifth Sphere-The Fuel of Phyrexia
Squid Type Thing - Pathfinder by DeathlyToxicity
Walker by Mr--Jack
Dark Vision 2 - Behemoth by Aerozopher
'Oil' Be Back by tim12s
The Sixth Sphere-The Demons
Death Colossus: Villicus by DeivCalviz
Demon Shaman by The-Necromancer

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If you give a Yawgmoth Demon a Batterskull... by The-Necromancer
The Seventh Sphere-Eternal Torment
Eyes by andyswithy
Virus by movin
Unsocialization by DartGarry
nude no 1 by Timi-O
The Eighth Sphere-Pure Energy
Dark Energy by T-Biggz
Energy by Byakuhan
Pure Energy Source by giorjoe
Pure energy. by bubus666
The Ninth Sphere-The Mind of a Dark God
Yawgmoth's Vile Offering by noahbradley
prometheus and god by Dejano23
Machine God by The-Necromancer
Father of Machines by Adva0227
New Phyrexia-All Is One

Mature Content

unlucky by CraigSoulsby
Magic the Gathering Artwork
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Playmat by LaineyElaina
Magic the Gathering Fan-Made Cards
Finished Ponder by LaineyElaina
Glory of Phyrexia Contest
Phyrexian Flesh Redeemer by Silverhyren
Magic The Cosplay
Chandra by laito-laetus


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I am returned from the Seventh Sphere where my body was cleansed by sweet illness for days without count.
(Although I have to say that being sick as a dog is not quite as pleasant as the Phyrexian scriptures suggest. I hope you're all sufficiently evolved and compleated and stay hale and hearty! :))

Now we wish to know: What has lured you to our group and what do you want to see?

Was it the philosophy and glory of Phyrexia and its ineffable lord?

Are you intrigued by the gruesome perfection of flesh mingled with machinery, regardless of the setting?

Are you a simple admirer of ‘dark’ art in general (and possibly do not particularly care about background)?

Something else?

Make yourself heard!

Glory to the Father of the Machines!
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"No one and nothing ever created on this plane is fit to survive in Phyrexia. We do not destroy your misguided efforts: Phyrexia does. It winnows out the weak and cauterizes the diseased."

-Y'sith, Fifth Circle Priest of Yawgmoth









Allies of Phyrexia!

"We were destroyed once, our very world blown apart, reduced to ashes. Yet we came back. We'll always come back."

The Mothership:

Gate to Phyrexia:


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Elvinkin66 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 5, 2015  Student Writer
Down with phyrexia . Hail Karn
The legacy weapon one day he will return to his world and cleans it of your blighted race.and on that day the myr will see Mirrodin pure!
Aerozopher Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017
We will prevail. No matter what!
Elvinkin66 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Student Writer
No you shall fall again just like in Dolmanara!
ArtOfAndreGarcia Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
Cool group! Thanks for including me in this!
Aerozopher Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017
you are welcome
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