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League of Legends | Janna - Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565, visual art

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Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565, visual art

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Battle Rehime | Young Leaders by sphelon8565, visual art

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-----COMMISSIONS STATUS------"CLOSE" | Had Freelance Project Folks!


A graduate from batch 2013 from a College Animation School.

Currently finding work as long as I hope it'll be a good direction

along with my creative paths for the future. Making great creativity at my best skill and knowledge

and find ways to make inspirations credible.


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Favourite Movies
Braveheart, Bladerunner, Kimi No Wa, The Good The Bad and the Ugly,
Favourite TV Shows
Anime: GTO, Naruto, Your Lie on April, Super Robot Wars, Your name
Favourite Books
Berserk, Harry Potter
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy I-IV-VI-VII-VIII-X, Super Robot Wars, Shenmue, Earthbound, Guilty Gear Xrd

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At this time, I wanna continue pursuing my creative career as an artist and keep on moving on to create a book series/animated film/comics or a video game one day.

Any amount are all appreciated!

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Battle Rehime Playable Characters

Battle Rehime | Sol Badguy
Battle Rehime | Siegfried Schtauffen
Battle Rehime |  Captain America
Battle Rehime | Batman
Battle Rehime | Cyclops Scott Summers
Battle Rehime | Squall Leonhart
Battle Rehime | Janna Windforce
Battle Rehime | Dante Sparda
Battle Rehime | Cloud Strife
Battle Rehime| Chris Redfield
Battle Rehime |Dr. Doom
Battle Rehime | Black Adam
Cecil Harvey
Battle Rehime | Ironman
Battle Rehime | Sakura Kinomoto
Battle Rehime | Guts
Battle Rehime | Lux Crownguard
Battle Rehime | Rizzrack, The Timbersaw
Battle Rehime | Davion Dragonknight
Battle Rehime |  Garen Crownguard
Battle Rehime | Jam Kuradoberi
Battle Rehime | Jah Rakal The Troll Warlord


Something's coming up (2022) Sphelon Updates by sphelon8565, journal

WHAT's up everybody!? :happybounce: it's half of the year 2021 and wishing you all the safe and care towards my watchers and viewers around. NEW watchers are always welcome to follow me around my works! The good news is that I could finally express myself that I am now continuing more what I'm happy to do the most, my artworks and all those ideas in my head! sorry for a long hiatus of not writing things up lately, just happened to have a lot of priorities with me that I don't have the huge time about writing em....In the meantime, I may have to focus on my career for now as a creative artist *creative content artist perhaps?? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st* ANNOUNCEMENT == Still wondering my career around the world ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah yes this is one of those things I have
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Hiya Guys! been working on some few artworks this month also practicing some character sketches involving two of my OC's (Kyousuke and Song) to sharpen my skills on the pose and anatomy department and the Squirrel Knight! Additionally I was resting for a while from all the chores and artworks I did so I have to lay low until I'm energetic so. I may drop some of these works on TWITTER and my Tumblr Pages do check & visit me on my other pages out there if you guys just happen to check this status post out. Tumblr: https://amazingsphelon.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AmazingSphelon Thank you for all the support! and I'll be seeing you on the next one!
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I just wonder if I could post something without uploading it as an official deviation itself but here's a preview of what I'm going to show this week my fellow DA users! X-Men's Cyclops, Guilty Gear's Jam Kuradoberi, DC Comic's Black Adam and Dota 2: Jah Rakal the Troll Warlord. See ya around peeps! 01/21/2022
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I love your art! Your overall designs are amazing and I just love how much attention to detail you put in your drawings!

Ah thank you so much kindly! :nod: I really do enjoy whatever I feel I wanted to portray at times.

Hiya Sphelon, I just took a look at Battle Rehime It's looking very awesome! Keep it up! Any more characters you are planning/going to add as playable in the future?

Why thank you about that ;P honestly speaking about that, I might change some plans for now what to draw and what to write so far (*cause I got other projects besides this) however if you're curious about the roster itself you can find an old outdated draft here: **roster can change in time**

AS much as the next drawings goes (since I'm fully in control of this) I can't guaranteed to complete some of them out of the ordinary in time at this time so far the bucket list changes so far in the meantime _ I'm completing chapter 2 on my wattpad page:


Of course, I will take a look at it but do you want some help with your project?

Thanks for the offer but I don't need any kind of help at this time :greetings:

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Hello, @sphelon8565! Welcome to @YourLoveForArt! I hope you're enjoying our group. :dummy:

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send us a Note or leave us a profile comment. :thumbsup:

May you have a happy and creative week! :wave: :rose: