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League of Legends | Janna - Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565, visual art

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Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565, visual art

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Battle Rehime | Young Leaders by sphelon8565, visual art

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-----COMMISSIONS STATUS------"OPEN" | One more SLOT! **sharps only ~ the rest Open for 4 by next YR ~half it's quarter!

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"I'm a passionate concept artist & writer ~ who loves drawing characters (both OCs & Fanart) and writing stories all under my spare time while I journey myself whatever satisfies my directions the most!"

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At this time, I wanna continue pursuing my creative career as an artist and keep on moving on to create a book series/animated film/comics or a video game one day.

Any amount are all appreciated!

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Battle Rehime Playable Characters

Battle Rehime | Sol Badguy
Battle Rehime | Siegfried Schtauffen
Battle Rehime |  Captain America
Battle Rehime | Batman
Battle Rehime | Cyclops Scott Summers
Battle Rehime | Squall Leonhart
Battle Rehime | Janna Windforce
Battle Rehime | Dante Sparda
Battle Rehime | Cloud Strife
Battle Rehime| Chris Redfield
Battle Rehime |Dr. Doom
Battle Rehime | Black Adam
Cecil Harvey
Battle Rehime | Ironman
Battle Rehime | Sakura Kinomoto
Battle Rehime | Guts
Battle Rehime | Lux Crownguard
Battle Rehime | Rizzrack, The Timbersaw
Battle Rehime | Davion Dragonknight
Battle Rehime |  Garen Crownguard
Battle Rehime | Jam Kuradoberi
Battle Rehime | Jah Rakal The Troll Warlord


2022 ~ Commission Status +Update Onwards! by sphelon8565, journal

YOWZA! everyone! ~ this is part 2 of my SEPT Journal! To read my previous entry ~ check these two updated Journals out!: "REVEALING THE FIGHTING GAME VERSE JOURNAL" "Somethings COMING UP! Jan 2022 I already did an introduction entry from my last one so I won't be doing it here Again I'm always active on TWITTER at this time around or visit me on tumblr!: https://twitter.com/AmazingSphelon https://amazingsphelon.tumblr.com/ https://sphelon8565.tumblr.com/ Now onto my 2nd Announcement! ==================================================== 2ND ANNOUNCEMENT ==================================================== The Updated BATTLE REHIME VERSE! & other future plans on the crossover content works! Some other works besides the crossover fanart verse and COMMISSION STATUS! I got some good news folks! ~ since my last update on the journal entry: I was be able to finish the 1st early chapters of the crossover verse! - the early chapters involves the crossover adventures of SUPERMAN
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Howdy guys I'd like to make a short motivated announcement! :la: just won my first Daily Deviation this month and year, for the 1st time ever! I'm feeling more motivated to do new works! :happybounce: 10/09/2022
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Howdy guys! I just launched my PATREON this month! One day will make a short animated film! From many years from now....! Helping me out at this time for me to reach my goals, pay my renting bills and continue to inspire other people in life ~ I shall write your name as a form of a "shoutout" ~ everytime, every now and then whenever I create something new to showcase my creative works! https://www.patreon.com/amazingsphelon_IV and if you can't help me on patreon at this time~why not considered donating for me on Ko-Fi! ko-fi.com/amazingsphelon Thank you all your support guys! and I'll always be around! Amazing + Spectacular Sphelon 10/02/2022
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Awesome, love your artwork

Do you also do requests?

My answer of that would be a no :greetings: **sorry I don't do free art/requests

You have a really awesome style and awesome art!

ADMIRABLY THANKS and thank you very much for dropping by this place ~ :happybounce:

it means alot on some ways :heart:

I'm a fellow crossover fan too!

I'm offering commissions!
Check Them Out