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Windows10 Libraries Icons

84 Windows 10 Library icons to use freely - no watermark, no restriction.

Libraries appeared in Windows7 and are very helpful to sort files easily and access them from anywhere.

Includes ICO and PNG files as well as a PNG and PSD template to easily create new icons. ;)


To display libraries in Explorer:
- Open Windows Explorer (Keyboard shortcut: Win+E)
- Right click on white zone on the left
- Select "Display Libraries"

To change Library icon in Windows10, it's pretty easy:
- Click on a Library
- Click on "Manage" menu under "Library tools"
- Click on "Change icon" button
- Browse to the ICO file you want to use for your library

To create a Library:
- Right click on a folder
- Select "Include in a new Library"
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Great icons - thanks, was looking for a coding one but now looking for a book one as well. Have to love the irony that there is no book library icon :)

I love this! Could you please make the 16x16 ones too? :3

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Very nice work. My only critique would be that the 16 by 16 size doesn't match the style of the default libraries.

These look great! :)
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Nice been looking for a set like these. Is it possible you can make one thats just says "Social Media"
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Very nice! Thank you :)
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Awesome icons! Very useful!
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Thank you, this is great! 
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Forgot - no instruction book came with the system. So it gives me a fight and I wound up yelling and cursing at it. Can't keep control for more than 5 monutes before it does a dance with my sanity.

I am NOT young and I risk a heart attack & stroke, if I tried any more. Health problems...
EmmetEarwax's avatar
These icons hint at my frustration and anger outbursts in TRYING to use/control Window8. Windows10 is just a zoomzoom version of 8, and another attempt to destroy my sanity, if not drive me to a heart attack or a stroke.

My Windows8, purchased by mistake, gathers dust in my office, after a number of attempts to use it... well, why repeat myself ?
I stick with windows7 (SEVEN !)

If all windows before 8 got phased out, and it became necessary to use windows 8 and on, I'd just give up on laptops.
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Would love to see 16px icons that fit the rest of the icons in the navigation pane.
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Yes but I did not have time to do that... Maybe in a future potential update. :)
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can you add a link that will enable to download them seperately?
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Just download the archive and take the ones you want...
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Wow, great! Thx.
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You're welcome!
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What's the best Program to make his own Icons ?

I would like to have more of these stuff ^^
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I use Photoshop CS4 personally :)
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These icons are so awesome, can't wait to install these on my windows 10 once I've updated! Merci beaucoup Sphax ;p
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