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okay, so how did I go from 1 to 10 overnight with backgrounds? Truth be told- I don't fukn know. 
I was screwing around with the filters on ibis, seeing if one could make my main focus(Haley), blend better with her background. And fukn BAM- realistic lighting. (The sparklies and extra lighting on the hair was done by me tho) 

Originally this was gonna be like a body positivity post or something, showing off her scars and stretch marks. But somehow- it turned into a masterpiece 

Anyways, this is my new favorite drawing- and I love it c: 
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The lighting is much more improved in this landscape piece. Gorgeous ^-^ Haley looks great enjoying the sunset!

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You're welcome!

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Two things… One, I know EXACTLY how that popsicle tastes

Two, she makes those scars look GOOD

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mango is Haley's fav c: and she totally does!!