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Sea Creature Adopt Batch Set Price (OPEN)

I typically never repost things, but absolutely no one bidded on these guys where as three people offer on the others (who were set price) 
So i decided to reupload them as set price so they could hopefully stand a chance at getting a home
Anyways; rules and prices! 

350 points

Glaucus Atlanticus


350 points

What you will get once the character is bought:
Once the character is bought you will get a transparent .PNG of the character without the watermark. 

Do not be rude. Making any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and comments such as those will get you blacklisted and blocked.
You do not get a secodn chance if you make any of the listed comments above this one.
Do not ask for me to lower the price. 
Do not offer for anything other than the listed price unless stated otherwise. 
Do not guilt trip the new owners of the design so they'll give it to you.
Please bid in the correct order (reply to the previous bidder)
The longest I will hold an adopt is 24 hours before they go back up again.
Do not resell the adopt for a higher price than it was sold unless the character has more art work with it from you or another artist. 
Do not claim that you designed the character please ^^
That is all c:
(overall, please just be kind to me and other people)

really hope you guys like them! I had a bunch of fun creating them and messing around with the textures c:

Base by @/J-E-N-O-VA
(go check them out, they create some really cool artwork!!) 


(Wanna be pinged for future adopts? Lemme know in the comments)
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Claim Here:

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Could I claim clownfish :0

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Ah also could you send me the png once you have time please?

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Could I get glaucus atlanticus?

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Points are all sent

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