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F2U Base!

With me posting the P2U base, I figured I should go ahead and make these guys accesible for free since they are older and have lower quality compared to my newer art!
So here they are :D ( I'll be posting a P2U version later with additional features so be on the lookout ;p
Just press the download button on the buttom right bit of the canvas!
You may use them for adoptables!
You may merge them with other bases
You may edit the base
You may not claim you made the base
You may not use her for commissions
You may not use them to promote any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and comments/actions such as those will get you blacklisted and blocked.
Do not sell the base or repost it anyway shape or form <3
ty to those who do respect my rules! Please leave to those of you who don't c:
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