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Old Blanka

By sPexXy
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An old version of Blanka from the Street fighter series of games,

Time hasn't been kind on the poor guy, mind you I don't think he was dealt a fantastic hand to start with, what with being green and all and what about the orange hair, That's gonna get you noticed and not in a good way!

Anyways here he is, in his mobility scooter, probably on his way to pick up his pension and some incontinence pants, electricity and water don't mix, so I guess the same works for urine, only smellier no doubt?

Having spent many years as a fighter he is worn down and out, but he still has a little spark in him,.........."Super Electric Flatulence"

And the best bit is, with a visit to radioshack he was able to pick up a bit of cable and when inserted firmly up his bung hole, he can charge his own scooter battery, so things aint all bad!!

Created for a weekly challenge at Pixeljoint.com.

Graphics Gale was used for this peice and I must say it's been a while since I had a go at a weekly challenge, but I truly enjoyed this one (ThanX mobichan!)

I would like to have animated, but I doubt I'll get the time.

Crits welcome as always!

ThanX 4 looking.....enjoy!!
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this made me giggle...
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Haha nice. Blanka was my favorite as a kid.
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You're awesome!
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Awesome stuff!
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That's insane! If only he was an official character :lmao:
+ Fave :)
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this is tight lol..
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Hello! you've been featured > [link]
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I nthink he'd still hand your ass to you even as an old man T_T....thing
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hahaha its lol:D
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LOL he still looks awsome even in old age LOL
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Ahaha he's from Shuffleboard Fighter GX for SNES 3
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:-O I ALWAYS DID wonder what the heck happened to the guy. :D
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Masterfully done, and extremely amusing! This made my day!
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made me laugh. i needed it. thanks.
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Fart of battery charging.
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Lmao XD hilarious
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oh my gosh you're crazy!
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