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I am posting this message to inform as many people as I can reach that it is a _very_ bad idea to purchase software through Amazon or Amazon Marketplace.

I have been unfortunate enough to have purchased a sophisticated bootleg copy of Adobe Photoshop CS 4, a piece of software that appeared to be legitimate at first (and even appeared to activate correctly) and recently turned out to be fake.

Upon being informed by Adobe that the serial code for my software was invalid, I did some research and found that others have been taken in by elaborate bootlegs--software that appears to run perfectly, and arrives in near-perfect packaging. Sure enough, when I checked my discs and packaging _very_ closely, I discovered several spelling mistakes and tiny text reading "Made in Singapore"--apparently both indicators of bootleg software.

Apparently these fake versions of Photoshop modify the Hosts settings on the user's computer, causing all attempts by the program to contact Adobe for verification to fail.
Apparently, the Windows 7 version of this bootleg does not function as intended, allowing Photoshop to "phone home" and report itself as an illegitimate copy.
Note that this did not happen until _months_ after I had installed the program.

So, because the program is a bootleg, Adobe will have nothing to do with it and has been eminently unhelpful.
Because more than 90 days have passed since I purchased the fake software, Amazon has stated that I am not eligible for a refund. Naturally, I can not return it to the seller for a refund. This is frustrating to me because Amazon makes a percentage from all transactions, which means they're profiting from the sale of illegal software. The people behind these fakes have made a product that runs long enough to dupe consumers into complacency and inaction--long enough to void all guarantees and warranties.

I would like to remind everyone that just because a product is associated with a website or a vendor you trust, it may not be legitimate and you may be cheated out of your hard-earned cash. In my case, I paid somewhat under the full version price for the product, thinking that I had found a good (but not amazing) deal because CS4 is an older version of Photoshop. If the product was only $200, I would have been suspicious. At $560, it sounded reasonable.

I would _never_ buy software from Ebay, and had I known that Amazon Marketplace was similarly flaky, I never would have taken the plunge and bought Photoshop through them.

You may think "silly fellow, thinking he had such a good deal", but I must remind you that even legitimate re-sellers have been taken in by these clever fakes, and might sell you one. At the full price.
The person behind this article has had much the same experience as me:www.techdose.com/articles/arti…

If only I had known, before I lost my money.

Now, if you didn't already know, you now know! Tell your friends. Tell them to tell their friends. Amazon needs to know that their practices are allowing software pirates to operate with impunity, and if there is any justice in the world, it will cost them customers.
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Thanks for posting this. Good info to pass around.