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Saturday Night Special

A sketch from last night. I haven't drawn weapons in a long time for some reason, so I thought I'd start with something simple and blocky without a lot of mechanical parts. I may do a 3/4 view as well.
Looks like Walter's gonna get it!
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Looks more like the Atlas 45 from WaW Zombies.
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Looks like one of Tediore/Dahl guns from Borderlands.
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Oh she's gonna give it to me alright :love:


Or is she referring to another Walter? :D
Im making a prop version of this would any one like the blueprints

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Hi, I would.
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<font><font>very kriss super v ish but sexy</font></font>
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Sleek design, really awesome. 
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Thanks a bunch!
I think this is better looking then the Kriss Vector, even though it does not look like it has the recoil reducing mechanism the Kriss Vector is known for.
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haha, thanks
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In some ways it does look like a PDW or SMG concept design that would have appeared in the late 80's and 90's.
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Nice gun, man. :) I like the functional look- and how did you keep your lines so straight? I've heard that I just have to keep practicing to get really straight lines, but these look so clean. This is the sort of gun I could imagine a resistance fighter keeping concealed in a flowerpot or something...
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Thanks! I hold down the shift key in photoshop, which allows straight lines to be drawn.
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Now that is cool!!!!
Ever see a Kriss Super V? The company makes a pistol version that looks very similar. Then again they practically seemed to have went "What looks cool, functional, and futuristic" when they made that soo....
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Yep, love the Kriss. It's one of the most futuristic-looking weapons around.
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OOOOO!!! This I like!
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"Yeah I can see this actually functioning."
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this is really cool.
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This is some seriously solid design, bro! Love it!
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Thanks, I keep meaning to give it another go, this time with less of a "brick of aluminum" look.
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The 2nd design on the bottom row looks really cool, with the AK-like ammo cartridge.
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your big blocky shapes are alluring mister =D
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