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Catacomb sketch

Sketch from last night, ~1h 40 or so.
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reminds me of assasins creed unity ending credits, those french catacombs
Would like to talk with you about using this drawing on the front of a spec book for our website. And to see if you would add the bodies of both a 16 year old boy with a sword and a ten year old boy -- looking into the tunnel (their backs to us), having just arrived.  Carolyn Johnston
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Something about this place doesn't seem ri-- Oh my god! Did that skeleton just move?!?
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beautifully detailed sketch... wow, that fast?
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I love how you can suggest the presence of water and cobwebs with light-colored brush strokes...
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Looks great. Really creates a good damp and creepy atmosphere.
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Do you have a sketchvid or some process/layers you can show? Because I want to learn your secret. Fantastic, as always, man!
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Secrets? Well, let's see. Eating a lot of fish can help.
Ok, no secrets...I was just experimenting with the "custom shapes" functionality in photoshop, made some stamps of skulls and wanted to use them.
Here's a link to some layers I made that show the process.

Guest password is DrysArt.

Basically, because it was just an experiment, I was working looser than usual. I'm pretty happy with the results and the time it took, and If I have my way I'll try to work loose in the future too, because it's so much more enjoyable than trying to draw every little f*cking thing.
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I like fish. Salmon mostly.

I'm a little unfamiliar with the custom shapes feature, is that new in CS5? I'll need to look a little more into it. If it does what you say it does, then it's certainly work working into a workflow.
Where do I find the Custom Shapes feature?

BTW, this is completely random, but you need to check out a music group called Escala. Pure awesome.
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I thought Custom Shapes was a CS 5 thing, but CS2 has it too!
Basically, take an image, reduce it to black/white. Make a mask out of this so you can make a selection of it. With the selection active, go into Paths and pick "Create Work Path". With that path layer selected, go to Edit>Define Custom Shape. Now you have a new shape available when you use the custom shape tool (which is down by the rectangle/circle/line tools on the toolbar.
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Ohhh, okay. So it's a stamp and not a brush. Gotcha!
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Yar. The benefit is that it can be scaled up indefinitely without getting blurry.
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thats a really nice and simple concept mate :D simple and yet detailed...
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Awesome. :) Spiderwebs?
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..or something. Yes?
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