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When I did a master study of one of the in-game paintings for Bioshock 2,  Bioshock Injection , It made me really want to do some of the in-game posters from the first game. 6 months later I finally finished 43 of them. Here’s my DA gallery of the project….

        This was a completely personal project that let me practice different styles, techniques, and designs. So please no comments on how I “stole these from Bioshock”, how they aren’t my work, or any other negative comments. I understand plagiarism is wrong, but these are just studies, I recreated all of these for the bioshock community and myself. However, I  can't sell the prints because of Bioshock/2kgames’ copyright over the franchise. And all of the fonts I used were completely free, but some also do not allow commercial use. So, sorry, but I don’t want to be sued ☺.

        All were done in Photoshop and Illustrator CS4. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message and favorite some of them. And depending on the response I get from these, I may do some more posters from Bioshock 2.

Thanks for the support.

- Stefan Petit

EDIT june 9:
-So i just found out that if i wanted to sell prints of these, i wouldnt even be able to sell them here on DA because apparently all forms of Fan Art are prohibited from being sold due to copyright laws in the DA print store :/

-Also the project is now featured in one of Geekologie's articles…
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Sometimes all you have to do is ask for permission--maybe paying them a license fee for each print.
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its one thing im looking into, but they are busy people
So where would I be able to purchase these at? I'm REALLY interested in them.
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it says right here that i cant sell mine, did you even read it? some people sell the Atlas one, you just have to look around.
There's absolutely no reason to be an ass hole. You said you can't sell them HERE, so I'm asking if there's a way you can sell them in a different way; ebay, etc. Why the hell you just come off as an ass hole at a potential customer is beyond me.
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lol sorry but im not trying to be an ass, i have a lot of people asking me the same thing. in the main paragraph it says i cant sell them anywhere, and giving them out for free runs into problems with the font restrictions as well. the june 9 edit is specifically saying that i cant sell them here because fan-art doesnt even have an option to become sold. im sorry if that wasnt clear.
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Why sell them then?. Why dont you make them available for free but accept donations of some sort?. My guess is that those interested in the proyect could donate to your talent, and not actually pay directly for the print quality images. And I guess 2K has no problem with you giving away for free some fan art. I can be wrong 'tho. Anyway, congratulations on making a great collection.
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i would love to offer them, but i have a huge pet peeve about giving out hi-rez files of my work to anyone, im very paranoid. and suspect only a very few would make donations :/ thanks on the compliments tho, i just wish 2k would get back to my emails.
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