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eCover Slim Photoshop Action

This script will take your flat ebook image and turn it into a cover appearing to be 3D. Useful for paperback virtual books.

HINT: Make sure your application window is maximized before you hit the "Generate 3D" button. For some reason it goofs up if you don't :shrug:

Instructions Included

Created with Photoshop® CS Version 8.0

LICENSE: Anybody can use this script anyway they want; personal or commercial. Take it apart, redo it — anything and without giving me credit. It's your action script!
© 2008 - 2021 spentoggle
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I keep getting errrors asking for layer 1, layer 2, layer 3...

I organize my layers and really dont want to rename them back to the defaults.

Please advise.
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This action was created with an older version of Photoshop. Sounds like an issue with newer versions of the software. Adobe might have a fix?
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Is there a way to get the action script without downloading from the place you have it on? Those download files usually have viruses, but I would really like to get your script! 

Thanks for your help!
how to download

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Very happy
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:::: Splendid Job ^_^ ::::
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Hey, I added your action to my showcase: [link] .
I hope that's okay?!
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And Thanks again!
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thanks, can i make an icon out of it?
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Sure! Do whatever you want with it... :)
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too bad it doesn't load in CS3
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Yeah... I made it with CS 8.0—sorry :( Not sure if it works on any other later versions.
Looks coooool!.. Thank you a lot.. i'm going to try it :)
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You're welcome =D
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