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Inspector Gadget

By Spencers13
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:bulletred: EDIT :bulletred: 2-18-2012 — I've updated the image, removed the lines and added some color. Now it looks much better. :D

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:omfg: Lookit dat! du du du du dun Inspector Gadget!! :boogie: I used to LOVE that show, still do if I ever get the chace to see it. I got most of the old series on tape...I'm hoping for a DVD boxset someday of all the old cartoons. Not this new Disney crap. Disney RUINED Inspector Gadget! I was so happy they made the first movie and went to see it in theaters, and was even in tears as I watched the opening credits! :happycry: But then...the Gadgetmobile...talked.... :cries: The Gadgetmobile doesn't TALK!! I was so disappointed.

ANYWAY! Sorry bout the lined paper, I drew this a while back and just recently found it...last night in fact. =P And, so, I thought I'd share, since I rarely ever drew IG back in the day. I love him!! :heart:

Inspector Gadget © Disney
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He is so cute here! I love it!!
Spencers13's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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i agree i hated the movies, the best was the to love him.....

great pic....
i miss him as well....i used to watch him and wanted to be like him....
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I still love Inspector Gadget! They don't make shows like they used to.
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Go, Gadget, Go! This is awesome.
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Aaawww! He looks really cute here! :heart:
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=/ I thought the Gadgetmobile was pimp for talking...
But you ROCK for lovin' this guy! :D Inspectah' Gadget is my PIMP!
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R.I.P. Don Adams
Spencers13's avatar
I know. He was one of the greats. :(

I'm getting Get Smart when it comes out on DVD, and I also own the first season of Inspector Gadget on DVD. I'm going to get both sets in their entirety. Don Adams was awesome in everything he did.
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omg. good 'ole gadget.
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YEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! INSPECTOR GADGET!!!!!!!! my fav. show ^_^
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WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!!!!How I :heart: him!!!So good fun!!!!
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Like monkeyswithguns I /lurved/ Tintin, but nowhere near as much as dear old Inspector Gadget...I think it was just because Tintin had no pupils...That always freaked me out. I mean, how does he /see/?
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*squeals!!!* WAI!!! :glomp: Now I've got this urge to draw that sweetheart dog of his, BRAIN!!! :aww:
Thankies for the idea, sissy! :hug: :cuddle: :glomp: :smooch: :love:
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I love Inspector Gadget! yay! :dance:
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Hee hee hee hee... I have to sympathize, I loved the old Inspector Gadgets... for something detective-y but even smarter, you should try Tintin....
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