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Little Red Slavic Hood Story. by spencerbt123 Little Red Slavic Hood Story. by spencerbt123
Once A Opoop a time Not So Far Away aka in The USA In The South West Theres Was a House Full Of Slavs Like Brois And Little red Slaivc Hood And They Are Freinds And They Go Out To tHE dARK Woods TO Plant Some Deadly Pants Everyday But One Day brois send little red slavic hood to the drak forsest and go to the satan swifts house becuse they want have sex with a Facist so Little Red Slavic Hood Got The Bakset Full Of Vooka Abd Kiss Brios By In The Lips Okay That was gay so he off he went through the dar forsest and saw somthin he never se before he saw a corpes of choclate and other unheathy stuff and he go to have a closer look and he turn a round he saw a harmless little meem and when he turned a rouned again he saw a big gray furry belly and is a wolf belly but when he step back he saw a fat wolf who was a native amercain chief with 2 feathers and wear nothing but his rope akak nappy when he poop and pee on it but he holds a ice Cream Cone But Little Red sLAVIC hOod was point the gun aka AK 47 At Him aND The Fat Wolf Said What Are You doing My Name IS Cheif Big And I Having a Lazy dAY bUT YOU Look To My Stuffed Belly So Rub My Belly Im Cute But Little Red Slavic Trys To Rub The Chiefs Belly But He Point the RPG At Has Balls And Fire It And hit His balls Big Wolf Felt Less Pain Becuse Hes Fat So HE Started Too Cry But Little Red rUSSISN Hood Gone aWAy But Arfter Big Wolf Crying For 35 Mintiues Strated to Get Aarngry And Stuffed His Belly Full He Felt He Was Sexy And Happy And HE Jumped To Find Little Red Slavic Hood But Cheif Big Wolf Land On Statans Swift House And Stantan Swift Wakes Up And He Saw His House Get Smashe And Stantan Swift Says How Do You Broke My House You Big Peice Of sHIT and He Get Sited on To Death By Him aNd HE dRESS lIKE Statan Swifts House And His Butt Was A Front Door But When little red slavic hood was here he saw big wolf dress up like a house and satnan swifts dead body so he call his facist freind mussoini to poke him with needleds but big wolf felt no pain but he told his weakness was burshing his teath and eating vegaibales and so little red slavic did and he made big wolf mad and he hate his clean teeyh so he roar and little red slavic hood feed him vegan stuff that make big wolf sick and statred to cry and boris , mussoni and little red slaivc hood sit down and drink vooka but big wolf farted them to death and big wolf was now very happy now and go home but in midnight satan swift was alive again and seek t get revainge on him so the end.
CL0UDZZ Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Cy-yka,,,bl-lyat? Is this g-god himself??
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October 28, 2017
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