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A Funny CreappyPasta/MEME : Broken Tall Soldier. by spencerbt123 A Funny CreappyPasta/MEME : Broken Tall Soldier. by spencerbt123
Okay Here It Is The Funniest Creappypasta/MEME i Made/Found On Gmod So I Told You About How I Make This Monster Appear On My Screen.

I WAs On My Laptop AKA Captailst Machine To Play Gmod To Pass the Time Of My Dress Im Mean Stress So When i dRINK Some Milk I Open A BattleField Map And Its A Bumpy Lansacpe And i pUT sOME Nelopoen Troops In The Battlefield Just 30 Of Each Army One Was French And Da Other Was Russian So I Press Disalbe Thinking They Start Of Kinda Glitchy Then is Getting Alsome And Better And Think Those French Troops Are More Dead Than The Russian Troops Then I Think The French Will Lost Beucse The SteroTypes And Its Not Hositle But I Was Worng I See Two French Soldiers Shooting At Da Russian Soilder The Last One But He Got Shoot To Death And When I See The French Troops Who Killed The Russian Troop I See The 2 French Soldiers Looks Like This So The French Soldiers Has Got So Tall And The Arms and Body Got Twisted And The Armpits Holding The Rifles And I Luagh At Them So I Took One Of These Freaks And Put Them Near The Bushes As A Background And I Take Photos Of It To Make It a Meme so I Named It Broken Tall Solider So Its A New Gmod Freak aND a mEME lIKE Pootis/Hoovy And Ugandan Knukles So If You Want To See The Video Versoin Of It Go RainbowPrussianTrain15 To See It.
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