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Tracer | Overwatch

"Trying to crash another party love?"
Tracer is here!!! Thanks to all who suggested it!

Sure, go ahead and download if you like it :)
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XxRobotChaoxX's avatar
Disney Styled Tracer, LOVE IT!
TheFurriner794's avatar
Teach... Me... How... To... Draw... Like... This. TEACH ME!!!
MalexTC's avatar
Woah! I love the art style, so clean and shiny!
Pinkiepielover52's avatar
I love the colors! I think they make Tracer look cute. ^w^
CryssiCYS's avatar
this used to be my phone wallpaper :000
can i use this as my youtube profile picture?
peridotapproved's avatar
This is my background for my phone. Great job 😀!
VDPeruvian's avatar
Ogrewatch is never ogre
wonderful work!
negriwtf's avatar
hey this tracer is very cute i love it!!!
oh gosh, she is adorable! Great work!
rocketgengar's avatar
Absolutely beautifull. Love it! <3
great job but why do's it look like she is somewhere cold
atram95's avatar
Is Fantastic!!
Harizonia's avatar
If there was an Overwatch cartoon it should look like this!
TheFurriner794's avatar
You are absolutely correct.
Bytecraftninja's avatar
Damn right it should
nInTeNdOandMore's avatar
The art style reminds me of big hero size, this is super good and cute by the way :D
theschwa1313's avatar
oh my god. this is not only good but I love the art style!
Slimersonington's avatar
Sure. Why not. -adds to favorites-
rider450since2010's avatar
this is a very unique style
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