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Mercy from Overwatch!
I will definitely be playing as her the most! Such a great design!
Thanks for the support everyone!
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as a mercy main i can say: THIS IS INCREDIBLE HOW DID YOU DO THIS???????

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Hi! Can I use this for my YouTube video thumbnail? I'll credit. :)

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I rather like Mercy's face and conveyance of the heat from her beams.
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no larger version :o?
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That's spectacular
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Ahhhh I love your style! Making this my phone wallpaper!!
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I love that style.
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I love her eyes. Such a great work!
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Cute! Love the style!
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I love the look of her face/eyes/lighting.  super cute!
This is just great! Good job! You SHOULD really draw more of this you know!
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Beautiful, awesome job on using her wings and heal stream as a light source!
the-hero-of-winds-99's avatar
I dont know why but the face looks so beautiful in this
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Thank you so much! :)
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This is literally my favorite fanart ever. The style, the shading, the coloring, HER FACE, EVERYTHING. Look at her she's GORGEOUS. I will never stop loving this art, thank you for drawing this <3 <3
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It's more than cool it's… amazing!
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Thank you soooooo much! Really means a lot to me that all ya'll think my art is cool
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A wonderfully stunning piece. Brilliant lighting and I love the style you've used here. I've been using her almost exclusively. She's fantastic to play as and has a gorgeous design.
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Same, I love her soooo much x) thanks for the kindness too
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I really like the lighting you implemented here. Very well done!
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Thank you so much :)
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