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The Lazy Illustrator's brushset



It is not required to link back here, but I would love to see how my brushes have been utilized! Please Favorite the set if you've downloaded it!

These brushes are free for both personal and commercial use. I share them under a share alike license and have included two of the non-altered brush stubs so you're free to create your own brushes with those if you so desire.

These were created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 - I know they will not work in PS7 for sure, I apologize for any inconvenience that may cause!

Another note about these brushes, though their 'start' size isn't very large when I made the brush stubs I used a larger size, so they should resize well.

So these are the brushes I like to use for enviros and other lovelies

Brushes 1 - 5 are square chisel marker tip inspired brushes at varying sizes, they have a semi-organic feel

Brush 6 is a smaller, harder edged rendition of the first five

Brush 7 is a 'mass builder' inspired by the concept program Al.chemy - used to create silhouettes or 'clouds' to find images from

Brush 8 is a brush stub, left unaffected so you can play with its settings and create your own - but it makes a good smudger brush on its own as well

Brush 9 is a very fun brush, it's excellent for clouds and texturing foliage

Brush 10 is Brush 9's mass-building cousin, same concept as Brush 7, it's good for rocks and other crap

Brush 11 is a textured rectangular brush stub, play with it

Brush 12 is a textured rectangular brush which is pretty good for buildings, or just about anything else

Brush 13 is another mass builder, it's a bit more random than the last few and has hard edges, lots of fun


You may NOT-
-Claim to own/have created these brushes under any circumstances
-Make a profit off of these brushes or use my brushes to create brushes used for proft.
-Remove this README file if you upload elsewhere

You may-
-Create commercial work
-Create personal work
-Create web designs, flash, films and the like
-Create your own brushes from these - "Stock from stock" [For both personal and commercial uses - HOWEVER if you do create brushes from my brushes and wish to upload them you are REQUIRED to CREDIT and LINK BACK to the original brush set on my DeviantART page.]
-Upload this brush file elsewhere, but you must include this README file if you are to do so. You must also upload the included preview file - if you want to use another preview image then CONACT ME via email @ artistikallyme@yahoo.com or by my DeviantART account which is Renacido.
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