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I am getting bored with DA.

My Last Journal Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 27, 2011, 12:22 PM
So yeah, this gonna be my last journal feature before the end of my subscription. That's like a sad news. I don't know why I didn't do anything productive while the subscription was there.
But then never mind.
Hmm enjoy the features !!!

And congratulations to the winning entries of
" The romantic side of life " contest hosted by :iconthedaydreaminggirl:

The first place entry by :iconaerinvena:
Banca Verde by aerinvena

The second place entry by  :iconlight1108:
Hope by Light1108

Third place entry by :icon86ad:
Lovingly framed by 86AD

Other Features

cry by agnes-cecile he hears the world by agnes-cecile
swallow's tail by agnes-cecile because by agnes-cecile

:thumb216265056: Frances the mute by niish
Vultures by nailone:thumb211492706:
Gag 2 by nailone Drunk Bahus by nailone
:thumb202773044: Tea Party by kurichaos
child by Horflandes:thumb156686270:
NWIV by CandyCov3red Aviation by CandyCov3red

Air of me by LILY-m Me, me and me by MyLittleGizmo
:thumb202362705: wonderland II by LuizaLazar
crisp morning by agnes-cecile:thumb175560995:

Living with the arts. Again..

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 24, 2011, 12:04 AM
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So, I have come back. Almost like a year later. To live with the arts. AGAIN. (Yes, again!)
But I still don't have an idea why I just sat , so quiet and so still. For so long. May be, I needed a break. From "Everyone."
Did I just say "Everyone" ? Oh, I meant, "Everything." or May be, this is where I meant to be.

I have missed all my old mates, here on DA. ( I don't know if they remember me ? ) But again, I'd like to thank you for
all the words of inspirations. And my close mate Vesa ( I still have our good memories.)
I hope heaven is not a lie for good people like you. Rest in Peace. *Sighs*

At the mean time, enjoy some inspirational pieces.

delicate sleepy silence II. by BlackProserpine :thumb200393190:
Let myself fall by quicksilverq

Mature Content

Tarzan syndrome by kaunau


Mature Content

Idealbilder by CorwinvonKuhwede

4654777 by aleksandra88 i believe - by bye-bye-omoide
polyjuice by ShreyaRai :thumb133125279:
:thumb168360935: Wish I was too dead to cry. by Mrs-Durden
No Ordinary Day by srvlama :thumb178782722:
Doll by thebestfeeling :thumb202259062:

Lets live to inspire. One for all. All for one. Peace.

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Omg after sooooooooooooooooooooo long !!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 17, 2010, 9:46 AM
I am back, everyone !
Sorry for being vanished for so long but I am doing good now. I hope you all are doing well (:
Hmmm my exams are nearer. So before I will be gone during exams, I want to feature some beautiful photographs. Most of which are picked from the group Story telling arts storytelling-arts.deviantart.c… :heart: while some are random which I have faved some time back.
Hope you will enjoy the feature :heart:
More to come soon !!!

far away by DarkSaiF

Mature Content

'Suicide' ink study by dllong

alone man 6 by scheissegal Full of Hate by MoonRomanticism
Dream by kyu-to 6514611120 by niqe
:thumb170385048: misery flows deep by carrionshine
offspring by devilicious:thumb160441585:
Sitting Portraits 01 by enkopte Mariqueen by v3r0n1sm
The illusionist by Impl69sioN :thumb167625093:
Nobody love me likes you by steelhearted

Mature Content

Tu m'emportes ? by nymphs-and-the-wolf

Ad Memento by Hidoba :thumb164178780:
as you go by carrionshine :thumb145763859:
:thumb128124365: :thumb162455996:
:thumb162539897: right now by carrionshine
:thumb161927563: a new sun rises by carrionshine
Caught by Sonylicious Only in my memory by queenfunkyta
:thumb35601781: Love after Rain by Jayantara
:thumb136631509: It's Already Been Done by LVSkoglund
Secretly by MarinStefan:thumb151544236:
Queenenigma09 by EshiraArt:thumb165054693:
Alma de barro by xantirodriguez Natural collagen by etheraiel
Marionette by LilifIlane Missing you by Kechake

Some of my own works:hug:

M u s i c by SpellboundMisfits:thumb167372705:
I only it feels by SpellboundMisfits Would you ? by SpellboundMisfits
Diary of a female photographer by SpellboundMisfits we need something to fix us up by SpellboundMisfits

Thank you everyone :heart:

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like a bolt from the blue

Journal Entry: Thu May 27, 2010, 1:33 PM
I knew that something was wrong but never thought this would happen): I am extremely in shock and in despair to know that VESA SORONEN, my truest friend, also a very talented Nature photographer from Finland died.
Just don't know how to express how much I am sad about this big loss. World definitely lost a beautiful young mind. He was such a beautiful man with beautiful heart:hug:

Vesa! I truly miss you so much, so bad. I miss seeing your puppies too! There's a lot to say you in these mournful Silence!

:heart:Vesa Vesa if only you could come back
and shine
Please shine me being a star at night
If only you had lived some more years
oh How I wished you lived some more years.
Rest in Peace!
Vesa Soronen [1987-2010]

Please, Visit his gallery here at DA
Some of this amazing works:

Waterpipe by FatalBite Desolate coast by FatalBite
Serpentine by FatalBite Four brothers by FatalBite
Fading into the Night by FatalBite Shine by FatalBite

I hope one day world will get to see all of his beautiful works as he wished. Miss you soooooooooooo much that now it hurts ):

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Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 5:48 PM

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To be good again..

Journal Entry: Fri May 7, 2010, 2:36 AM
In search of light, I have found mine. Finally, I have found the answer somewhere beneath that piles of questions that I thought one day, someone will find me an answer. To be honest, like many others, my life too has never been a bed of roses. What life taught me was always a betray and then fail to come across it. I don't want to be pessimistic here. So, what I say here is, those failures have somehow made a great impact on knowing the people in my life. I have seen some good people turning to assholes and vice-versa while some people don't want to change their built-in identity "Asshole" as they are afraid to change themselves, perhaps or I don't know.

Well, I have learn SO many things in life, to make myself strong being the foremost thing, has always been the difficult part yet I am always willing to be the one, a-stoned-heart-woman, no matter what! I keep telling myself "Don't Listen!" when there come many mouths talking blah blah blah and poo! This way, I have left to listen others at least when knowing that I am right. This feels good. Feels SO free.

"In search of light, I have found mine
like my owl waiting to see at night
& this is when every drops of ocean counts"

There is always a chance to be good again..

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God lives in innocent prayers

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 20, 2010, 12:39 PM
Hello my beautiful people :heart:

          How you doing? Hope everything fine.
Mine is Good, right now :nod: hehe
Awww Secretly,:upset: I was bit worried about the subscription things lately
because it was going to be over in a week.
:stupidme:I wanted to give myself a tight slap for being a poor student.
But then, I didn't want to punish myself instead said that

I have put all my efforts that I can, for my arts.

I was up till 2 am in the morning but thought I'd sleep thinking wise,
& I pretended as if I am not disappointed any more!
Other morning, I woke up. Miracle happened!
OMG !!!
Saw a year subscription. Thank you, Karma, You brought the angel in you. Sometimes God lives in innocent prayers.

I will start featuring all over again:dalove:

Last but not the least, it is around a month away for my birthday :hug:
It is on 23rd May. :party:

                                                       Thanking you all,
                                                          Queen Enigma

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Cannot believe but yea I am so happy that my photograph "save me from myself" Save me from myself by SpellboundMisfits got me ever first DD!
Many many thanks to  L i l i a n a A l v e s for suggesting DD and Shalora for making it happen real!

and Thank you everyone for blessing me with your inspiring comments and favs!!!
I love you all and I mean it. :heart:

Since I have only couple of weeks left for subscription thing, which of course is sad news for me :(, but I want to feature some of the beautiful works right now!

Ice by jsmonzani cant take it by mizZ-AT Diaphanous by iNeedChemicalX Mademoiselle Oherlihy by donhosho
Other Side of Mirror - 31 by sonar-ua  :thumb146527146: Dazed by kosmodisk Only in my memory by queenfunkyta
insignificance by CaitlinWorthington picking weeds. by CaitlinWorthington Come Around by mijnnaamis sweet cycle by Eliara
Dance to the Death. by D4D1 The Dawn. by D4D1 :thumb156627793: Decision by loojeen
:thumb155033007: stop crying your heart out by morethanprincess   i thirst by bailey--elizabeth green fairy by matusciac
distance :.. by estellamestella smoke by estellamestella

Mature Content

Edging by katlove
:thumb150869718: fashion portrait 1 by rocker-sanjog no title by matusciac :thumb139478014:

Don't forget to be a part of group "Story telling-Arts" storytelling-arts.deviantart.c…
You know,
The worst thing in life is "being misunderstood."

Sorry for Haiti people :(


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 21, 2010, 6:10 AM
note me

I will be back in some days:(

About the Contest

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 7, 2010, 12:08 AM
note me

Hello Everyone!

I m SO very Happy to inform you all about this Creative "FAIRYTALES CONTEST" organized by*kriss1992 and


A few Rules
(read them ALL before you enter this contest, so there won't be any problems!)

• It's for photography only!
• No manipulations (of course you can change little things like colors, or delete little things like spots, but not manipulating wings or unicorn horns or things like that..)
• It has to be your OWN work! No stealing, if we found out that you stole art, you'll be out of the contest!
• No stock allowed, again: it has to be totally of your own!
• Maximum ONE entry per deviant
• Old work is also allowed
• You have to watch *PuncieGraphics and *kriss1992 because we keep having updates!
• Explicit, porn, racism, and nudism is NOT allowed.
• The subject of your picture has to be something with Fairytales! Be creative: you can use people, animals, architecture, conceptual, nature, macro, everything you like, But don't break the other rules! ;)
(Examples: Selfportraits (Fairy-like, Witch-like), White Winter forest, Snow White, Rapunzel, the kissed frog that turns into a prince, a castle, fairies, bad wolf etc. etc. etc.!
Use your own imagination!  

How can you submit your entry?


You have to watch the organisers:iconlionique: and :iconkriss1992: and have to send a note titled "contest entry" or "fairytale contest" to the organizers.

-> Also, You have to link to the contest in the artist's comments of your entry

the deadline of submitting your entry is February 14th 2010 (that's Valentine's day!) :heart:


:iconspellboundmisfits: :iconheretyczkaa: :iconalexandrasophie: :iconxeneras: :iconflorinblaj:

Please note that these may not be the final prizes!!!

1st prize:
3 month subscription by =viercent
1 free print of *PuncieGraphics ' gallery
1 critique by *tart-naived
Journal Feature by: *webworm
Journal Feature by: *mia-kian
Journal Feature by: *secretfool
Journal Feature by: *ekaterinamaria
Journal Feature by: =FrancesHolly
Journal Feature by: ~Gertcars
Journal Feature by: *April-Moon
Journal Feature by: *linkelynxy

2nd prize:
3 month subscription by ~Hawkes7
Journal Feature by: *webworm
Journal Feature by: *mia-kian
Journal Feature by: *secretfool
Journal Feature by: *ekaterinamaria
Journal Feature by: =FrancesHolly
Journal Feature by: ~Gertcars
Journal Feature by: *April-Moon
Journal Feature by: *linkelynxy

3rd prize:
1 month subscription by *kriss1992
Journal Feature by: *webworm
Journal Feature by: *mia-kian
Journal Feature by: *secretfool
Journal Feature by: *ekaterinamaria
Journal Feature by: =FrancesHolly
Journal Feature by: ~Gertcars
Journal Feature by: *April-Moon
Journal Feature by: *linkelynxy

Good Luck and Enjoy:hug:

Sorry regarding the previous journal. Everything screwed up because of my exams:(

But Anyway, " Merry Christmas, EVERYONE! "
Hope you all have a great one!!!


Featuring Artist-Part I

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 8, 2009, 6:47 PM

Hello my Dearest :community: Fellow Deviants..!

I want to Feature one of the talented Photographer here with some of his excellent works. I m not featuring him just because he's my friend but he's got real talent and I think should be shown off.
So, Please check these out :below:

[some of his Recent Works includes Artistic Nude]

Mature Content

brutal seduction by rocker-sanjog

Mature Content

honey by rocker-sanjog

Mature Content

the drop by rocker-sanjog

Mature Content

back by rocker-sanjog

:frail:I m thinking to come up with "Featuring three Artist" in each part, once in a week. We'll have only five parts. Since this is my first part, I featured only one./i>

:bulletblack:Queen Enigma:bulletblack:

My emotions are like wild horses-always free and wild...

November Features

Mon Nov 23, 2009, 12:21 AM

Hello my Dearest!!!

Sorry everyone,I know its late:(
But I hope you enjoy these beautiful Pictures and will forgive me:hug:

Innocent Faces
Tranquil: by sunset-accident Unpredictable by yefa
5 Centimeters Per Second II by anothercrush The Evil Issue by Alcholado
Virgin Suicide II by Alcholado Lost in time by fotouczniak
.bed of roses by sunset-accident shy by rocker-sanjog
Shared secrets by randomxlOve :thumb139681095:
Why not piano? by jane-art The Morning Exercises by jane-art

Pictures that touched my Heart

:thumb99331471: :thumb66709727:
The Waiting Hour by Sarachmet dustoff II by mehmeturgut
r e b e l by mehmeturgut within themselves by LonelyPierot

Mature Content

Perspicuous by katlove
white by fotouczniak :thumb137929411:
My dear brothers... by Eireen Truth by VisualofDrM
Birds eat by jane-art:thumb143474244:

Dreamy Arts

Sonia in the flowers by Skasia Decisions by Skasia
Rosetta 2 by Chazimcgee:thumb138824733:
untitled9 by nalim untitled8 by nalim
Sea Wings by snowmask object 004 by expect-rush
Painting is my therapy 8D by Pandablubb agony,ecstasy by nothought
:thumb108828879: Fly Away... by caramelaw
Floating Colors by GianniMiquini Midday Sun by MinnaSundberg

smile spider by rocker-sanjog :thumb138788728:
:thumb138675353: Golden Sunset by LorenzoDiFolco
My paradise by FatalBite Desolate coast by FatalBite
sand Dance by vi-ol-et Purplish Melody by VisualofDrM

Thanks to my Dearest Stefan for subscription:hug:

This journal was coded by LineBirgitte - graphics by xyphid
DA is my real Home. I will stay here with you all, my dearest fellow Deviants :hug:

PS : Next Time I will come up with features of some beautiful works :D
Take care till then...............