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On this day, September 16, 2016, we remember Daniel Kyre. One year ago today, he committed suicide & the comedy group that he was a part of (Cyndago) was shut down out of respect. Because without him, there was no Cyndago anymore. Mental illness is real & important. As far as what we, the public, know is that Dan suffered from depression. The struggle became too much for him & he eventually ended his own life. It's ok to talk to others. It's ok to seek help. Even at the worst of times, there is always hope. Even when it doesn't seem like it. I know how it feels, trust me. Sometimes, I wish I could do the same as Daniel did, but that's not the answer. If you're hurting, tell someone. There are even people out there whose whole career is helping sick people get better or at least cope.
Today we mourn the loss of Daniel Kyre. I didn't know him well, but he was & still is important. He was taken from us too soon (21 years of age) & that's a tragedy. We will always remember & love you, Daniel. Rest in peace.
Daniel's obituary: www.templeshalloranfuneralhome…

:iconripplz: -Ness, SpellboundFox
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