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Without going into detail, because it's personal, my boyfriend & I broke up and are not speaking to each other anymore. Like at all. So I will no longer draw his Gemsona Howlite or any other characters in his likeness. I'm sorry to the Howlite fans. I however am still planning to make a piece for Hemimorphite, the Fusion of him & Aquamarine I am developing at the moment. I will not remove the previous pieces from my gallery, so please don't worry about that. Thank you so much for reading & continuing to follow my main art blog. All of your comments, views & Favorites mean the world to me. Stay beautiful & happy New Year.

-Ness, SpellboundFox

P.S. Fuck the Trumps. If you support them, please unfollow me. Just go away. I am not happy at all that these idiots are running the US now & don't want to have to deal with their supporters.

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January 21, 2017


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