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I want to let all of you know that I'm still here. I get on everyday & surf around. I have a lot of different things on my mind lately. Planning Daisy's (my dog) birthday party. Where I'll take my love triangle fic next. What my next, short story will be. Wanna go buy black paper to try out silhouette style drawings. Money, things, stuff.
I'm doing alright it the point of this. I've started smoking marijuana again & feel much better. It helps with my chronic depression. Thank you so much for being here, reading my stories & look at the art. I don't have many out there who follow me, but I appreciate all of you anyway. I hope the rest of your March is grand & safe. Rain is on the way to central Indiana. I've been sensing it for a while now. I'm afraid of thunder, but hope we'll get some heavy rain. I miss it.

Love Ness, SpellboundFox

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March 24, 2017


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