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Hey all you sexy beasts! How was your weekend? I have been stressing out since Sunday for a lot of reasons, but am starting to feel better.
For a long while now, I don't get excited for Christmas because of the over-saturation & only get into it when it's as close as it is now. :) There will be 2 pieces of drawn art up tomorrow since I wanted to be sure that the first was flattened properly. The paper I use tends to curl slightly at the edges when I've been working on it & that's bad since I don't have my scanner/printer Toast Master 2006 hooked up to my computer. So they are more difficult to photograph. I hope all of you will be looking forward to these new drawings.
Nothing new with my holiday plans this year. I'll be going to Mom's house on Christmas Eve & spending the night then seeing Daddy & my step-mother Lisa in the afternoon or evening with my sister :iconmadelinewitt:. Hopefully Big Wolfy will be spending the rest of 2016 with us as well. Christmas is this Sunday & it's Monday night now. I'm feeling pretty nervous about it, honestly. If he's not able to make it from Batesville, then I'm going to feel like shit & not be able to enjoy it at all. Depression does that. Whenever I plan for something good to happen, it always goes wrong. :(
Have a safe & wonderful Chanukah & Christmas, my friends.

:heart: -Ness, SpellboundFox
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December 19, 2016


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