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Name: Xanthist-Beablebrox-Tarang
Name pronunciation: Zan-th-eh-sst Bee-bull-br-ah-X Tah-ray-N-guh
Universe: Animorphs
Home: Andalite homeworld, northern hemisphere
Earth location: somewhere in Sweden or Norway
Species: Andalite
Height: 5'8”
Eyes: teal
Fur: blue, tan & brown
Birthday: August 11
Sexuality: hetero
Gender: male
Age: 18 Earth years
Scars or other markings: none
Body type: muscular, medium build
Mate: none
Crush: none
Sibling: Chezist
Parents: Thyson & Saraphina
Loyalties: Andalites, Animorphs, Northern European Army/NORTHAG, Hork-Bajir, Chee
Enemies: Yeerks, Leerans, Visser One, Visser Three
Careers: warrior, understudy
Virgin: yes
Fingers: 12, 6 on each hand
Status: Alive, but dead inside
Planets visited: Leera, Earth, Sector 5 RG-21578-4
Likes: drama TV programs, exercising, bubbles, dark clothes, make-up, loud music, eating human food, camp fires, motorcycles, gyroscopes, swimming, horses, Anime, cat videos, imitating different human accents, cooking, blond hair, dark humor, balloon furniture, candy, chemistry, books, basketball, smoking marijuana, magnets
Dislikes: salt, hyper colors, fruit mixed with meat, human genitalia, Yeerks, Taxxons, E.T., sharp cheese, meat balls, golf, oil, blood, tart foods, the Drode, riding in Earth vehicles, fighting with his sister, cramped places, dancing, war, his hair being pulled, his tail being touched, killing the innocent
Fears: become a Controller, death of family, family is made into Controllers, Crayak, being bitten, the undead, become an orphan, spiders, dying in battle, choking/drowning
Favorite foods: Fun Dip, grass, white chocolate, salsa, fried dough, Twizzlers, ice cream, green beans, onions, asparagus, raw garlic, chicken, blue corn, shrimp, blueberries, lamb, chocolate sauce, cookies, green tea, elk, ravioli, pizza, vegan noodles, waffles, cheesecake, lettuce, cake, peanut butter, biscuits with sausage gravy, squeeze cheese, crab, frozen peas, frozen carrots, root beer, ginger ale, spanicopada, vodka, ranch dressing, raw honey, nacho cheese
Personality: quiet, observant, kind, moody, funny, brave, selfish, headstrong, ambitious, intelligent, chill, protective, shy, attentive
Powers & talents: Morphing, tail fighting, science, quick reading, able to stay awake for long stretches of time
Languages known: Native Andalite, Swedish, Norwegian, Hork-Bajir, English
Jewelry: piercing in left ear
Morphs: Kafit bird, Djabala, Hork-Bajir, Leeran eel, Leeran lizard, Leeran bird, Jubba-Jubba, buck, rattlesnake, red squirrel, ant, dolphin, sperm whale, surgeonfish, shark, squid, mustang, falcon, hare, German Shepard, fly, cricket, goose, male teenage human, elephant, moose, frog, monkey, bee, Standard Poodle, robin, Mantis, flea
Preferred weapons: morphs, Shredders
Battle morphs: Jubba-Jubba, squid, Hork-Bajir, elephant

Trivia: Xanthist is the elder of 2 children of the well-known & respected Warrior Prince Thyson-Colfdam-Tarang.
He is 4 Earth years older than his sister Chezist.
Xanthist is shy to talk in the presence of those he is unfamiliar with. This gives him the 'strong silent type' appearance.
His mother picked his & Chezist's first named while father picked their middle names.
Xanthist's favorite morphs are anything with hooves.
He considers riding on the backs of animals an abomination.
When in human morph, Xanthist can often be seen with something hanging out of his mouth. Such as candy, straws or long blades of grass.
He listens to conversations more than joining them, but speaks to his immediate family regularly.
He hates being treated like a child.
Xanthist is a shy sort of person, mostly just preferring the company of only his sister or Blazox.
He is the 1st Andalite in history to experiment with marijuana.
Xanthist has the habit of eating the most out of all his fellow Andalites when in human morph.
He doesn't sleep often. Smoking marijuana or after a battle are guaranteed to put him to sleep though.
Xanthist took to human music rather quickly & will listen to it for hours on end when he has free time.
Here is the bio for 1 of my Andalite OCs. Xanthist's habit of not sleeping is a reference to the YouTube Let's Player JackSepticEye, who is known to rarely rest. His middle name is a reference to Zaphod Beeblebrox, 1 of the main characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Xanthist-Beablebrox-Tarang belongs to :iconspellboundfox:
Animorphs & Andalites belong to K. A. Applegate. :heart:
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April 18, 2016
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