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Name: Chihiro River
Home: The Wandering Island, Aerie Peak
World: Azeroth
Age: 25-29 years
Height: 6'3”
Eyes: green
Fur: white & black
Hair: dark brown with green highlights
Birthday: March 5th
Gender: female
Sexuality: hetero
Scars or other markings: burn scars along abdomen & chest
Mother: Ming River
Father: Mckloud
Class: Windwalker Monk
Loyalties: Alliance, Blood Elves
Pets: Grimm, Aradia, Cassandra, Spike, Glade Runner, Zambambo, Meep, Ace
Mounts: Bane (Mountain Horse), Tulip (Swift Stormsaber), Mehndi (Great Dragon Turtle) & Jesse (Swift Stormwind Palomino)
Favorite colors: Green, blue & silver
Body: Curvy, but very muscular
Piercings: none
Likes: food, working with her paws, sailing, animals, swimming, meditating, cooking, riding her mounts, reading, pet battles, gems, music, foxes, exploring new places, flying, collecting
Dislikes: Orcs, blood, slime, loud noises, imps, birds, greed, ogres, snow, fish, Scamps, being called 'bear'
Fears: blizzards, death, fire, falling, open water, sharks
Friends: Master Shang Xi, Aysa Cloudsinger, her pets, Varian Wrynn, Shaopai, Moonwind, Master Hight, Kilibomb
Preferred weapons: staff, paws, magic, Touch of Death
Virgin: Yes
Talents: Cooking, mining, taming beasts, making friends, jewel-crafting
Element: Air
Crush: Tarenar Sunstrike
Preferred music: traditional Pandaren (Chinese), Jpop, soft rock, techno

Trivia: Chihiro is the only daughter of Ming River.
She studies the ways of the monk.
Chihiro is very talkative around friends.
Her father is a Worgen.
Chihiro loves to share the jewelry she crafts with friends.
Her mother is an amazing, well-known Rouge & works hard everyday to surpass her.
Chihiro hopes to return to The Wandering Island someday & visit Master Shang Xi's grave.
She has a liking for Blood Elf men.
Chihiro is left-pawed.
She was named after the main character from Miyazaki's Spirited Away.
Chihiro's dragon turtle was named after the singer Daler Mehndi.
The burns along her body were inflicted during monk training with Master Cheng.
Chihiro longs to find Pandaria to connect with her roots.
This is a bio for my monk Pandaren ChihiroRiver.

Daler Mehndi:
ChihiroRiver, McKloud, MingRiver & Kilibomb belong to: :iconspellboundfox:
All characters mentioned belong to their respectful companies.
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April 14, 2015
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