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Name: Sillfner 905
Name pronunciation: Sill-F-nee-R nine zero five
Title: Visser Two
Universe: Animorphs
Home: Secondary Yeerk Pool of Sector 5, RG-21578-4
Earth location: Sweden or Norway
Species: Yeerk
Height: 4 cm high, 2 ¾ inches long
Eyes: none
Skin: pitch black
Birthday: January 12
Gender: male
Age: 40 Earth Years
Past Hosts: Taxxon, Hork-Bajir guard captain
Current Host: Chezist-Trilean-Tarang
Scars or other markings: none
Parents: unknown
Loyalties: Yeerks, The Council of Thirteen, Garatron
Enemies: Animorphs, Chee, Andalites, humans, Free Hork-Bajir, Yeerk Peace Movement
Career: Captain, later a Visser
Planets visited: Sector 5 RG-21578-4, Leera, Earth
Status: Alive
Likes: Kandrona, rainbows, swimming, winning, bright lights, blood, torture, mocking others, cheese, barbecue, candy, piloting space ships, lasers, screams of his enemies, death, spying on his host's dreams, oatmeal
Dislikes: humans, animals, sleeping, loud noises, injury, when his host fights back, Visser Three, working for extended amounts of time, fighting, those who waste his time, those who talk for too long, music, Animorphs, Andalites, when his underlings talk out of turn
Fears: Starvation, being stepped on, death of host, losing his rank, drying out, become Nothlit, host dies while he is inside of them, mutiny
Personality: calm, forward-thinking, malicious, smart, brave, cunning, cruel, intimidating, shy at times, modest, helpful, commanding
Powers & talents: intelligence, morphing, speed
Languages known: Native Yeerk, Native Andalite, Swedish, Norwegian, Hork-Bajir, English, Gedd, Taxxon
Morphs: Djabala, Kafit bird, Hoober, Hork-Bajir, Leeran fish, Leeran bird, rabbit, deer, rat, kitten, female human, fly, guarder snake, wolf, cockroach, mantis, fox, scorpion, water buffalo, Zebra, crocodile, rhinoceros, jellyfish, Main Coon, Orca, horse, skunk, ant, Coati, male human, tiger shark, lion, hyena, Brazilian wandering spider, giant squid, sea serpent, bull shark, Galilash, snow leopard
Preferred weapon: morphs, Dracon beam, intimidation, tail blade
Battle morphs: Orca, Zebra, crocodile, rhinoceros, wolf, bull shark, tiger shark, lion, hyena, Brazilian wandering spider, giant squid, sea serpent, Galilash, snow leopard

Trivia: Sillfner 905 was the Captain of the Hork-Bajir Controllers who patrolled the Yeerk Pool when the Northern European Andalite forces attacked it.
He was given Chezist as his new host as reward for capturing her & became a Visser in the process.
He is the 4th Yeerk in history to become an Andalite Controller.
Sillfner has a vicious temper, but has control over it.
He is head in command of Hork-Bajir Controllers in Northern Europe.
Sillfner takes pleasure in making Chezist cry when not working. He finds it easy to do since she is so young.
He does not like to sleep, seeing it as a waste of time.
A bio for my 7th Animorphs original character.

Sillfner 905 belongs to :iconspellboundfox:
Yeerks, Hork-Bajir, Andalites & the Animorphs series belong to K. A. Applegate.
Chezist's bio:…
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Sonics-Number-1-Fan Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yoo I never expected to find animorphs on here :0
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I've been posting Animorphs art to my gallery for a few years now, dude.
Sonics-Number-1-Fan Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy yourself in my gallery. :heart:
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