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Name: Saraphina-Demilo-Zenlin
Name pronunciation: Ss-air-rah-feen-ah deh-mai-low Zeh-N-L-nn
Universe: Animorphs
Home: Andalite homeworld, northern hemisphere
Earth location: somewhere in Sweden or Norway
Species: Andalite
Height: 5'6”
Eyes: brown
Fur: purple, magenta & brown
Birthday: April 20th
Sexuality: hetero
Gender: female
Age: 37 Earth years
Scars or other markings: none
Body type: slim, medium build
Mate: Prince Thyson
Offspring: Xanthist & Chezist
Loyalties: Andalites, Animorphs, Northern European Army/NORTHAG, Hork-Bajir, Chee
Enemies: Yeerks, Leerans, Visser One, Visser Three, Crayak
Careers: Engineer, mother, weapons expert
Virgin: no
Fingers: 14, 7 on each hand
Status: Alive
Planets visited: Yeerk homeworld, Leera, Sector 5 RG-21578-4, Earth
Likes: jewelry, working with her hands, cuddling, kissing, reading, cats, snakes, monkeys, comedy, sour food, running, art, gems, gold, sleeping, eating Earth food, being with family, music, flowers, mecha Anime
Dislikes: Yeerks, Taxxons, cramped places, war, blood, being alone, most humans, awkward silences, small morphs, stress, burns, water, when her children fight, cheese, pizza
Fears: become a Controller, become Nothlit, death of family, family is made into Controllers, Crayak, sharks, broken glass, Howlers, bleeding, Visser Three, Visser One, Yeerks, never returning home, become a widow, breaking things, drowning/suffocating
Favorite foods: grass, chocolate, ice cream, carrots, olive oil, sourdough bread, tomatoes, lemons, soda, chili, milkshakes, jelly candies, turkey, roast beef, cookies, haggis, bacon, strawberries, spaghetti, cheesecake, vodka, spanicopada, pancakes, scrambled eggs, sugar, fudge, lemonade, basil, mustard, pears, candy, butter, marshmallows, green onions, lettuce, kiwi, chicken, sushi
Personality: passionate, motherly, protective, loving, moody, intelligent, ambitious, creative, hard-working, reserved, respectful
Powers & talents: Morphing, engineering, childcare, speed
Languages known: Native Andalite, Swedish, Norwegian, Hork-Bajir, English
Jewelry: piercings in both earlobes, tail band, arm bracelet
Morphs: Hoober, Djabala, Hork-Bajir, Leeran fish, ant, Emperor butterfly, dolphin, mare, eagle, fly, female human, monkey, flea, dragonfly, wolf, chadoo, cat, deer, cow, Sasquatch, mantis, fox, raccoon, frog, tree snake, yellow Labrador, orange tip butterfly, goat, caiman
Preferred weapons: Shredders, her brain, morphs
Battle morphs: Sasquatch, wolf, dolphin, Hork-Bajir, caiman

Trivia: She posses a rare mutation in which the color of her skin & hooves are yellow. However, the color of her blood is not affected by it. The mutation was passed onto her daughter Chezist & only seems to affect females of her family or it could just be a recessive gene.
Saraphina chose both of her children's first names while Thyson chose their middle names.
Of her 2 children, she is emotionally closest to her daughter.
Saraphina is unaware that Blazox carries romantic feelings for her husband.
She joined the Andalite military as an engineer for lazer weapons & ship maintenance.
Saraphina & Thyson plan to have a 3rd child together if both of them are able to return home alive after the war against the Yeerks.
She is motherly towards the Animorphs, especially Marco & Aximili.
Saraphina briefly worked with Elfangor during the time before he went to Earth.
She has incomplete knowledge on how to craft Morphing Cubes.
Thyson sees Saraphina as his equal & treats her as such.
She rarely joins in battles, only helping out when a mission requires a big party of fighters.
Saraphina is good friends with Blazox's wife Acca.
She is considered by many to be one of the best engineers in Andalite history.
Saraphina is very affectionate towards Thyson. The 2 will often hold hands or walk/stand close to each other when together.
Saraphina, mother of Xanthist & Chezist, mate to Warrior Prince Thyson. This family is part of a group of Andalite warriors who landed in Northern Europe during the last year of the Yeerk's invasion of Earth to aid the Animorphs, fighting the alien threat in that area of the world. She is an engineer, her expertise being in lazer & space ship technology. Saraphina's personality is based off of my mom & Queen Sarabi from The Lion King.

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Andalites & Animorphs belong to K. A. Applegate. :heart:
Saraphina-Demilo-Zenlin belongs to :iconspellboundfox:
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