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Name: Mewfour
Height: 5'3"
Average weight: 200-300 lbs.
Element: Psy
Type: Centaur Pokemon
Number: 206
Fur: Purple
Eyes: Yellow, usually closed
Inspirations: Mewtwo, Centaurs & cats
Shiny colors: Orange with deep red eyes
Attacks (in no particular order): Leer, Tackle, Stomp, Confusion, Mega Kick, Double Kick, Psychic, Light Screen, Glare, Heal Pulse, Refresh, Aura Sphere, Baton Pass, Lick, Slash, Fury Swipes, Bite, Tail Whip, Roar, Agility, Last Resort, Psybeam, Zen Headbutt, Hypnosis, Quiver Dance, Uproar, Dream Eater, Helping Hand
HMs can learn: Strength, Rock Smash, Flash & Rock Climb
Held Items: HP restoration berries
Evolution: None
Abilities: Hustle & Early Bird
Bio: Mewfour is a descendant from the Mew experiment. It, surprisingly enough, is quite an easy-going Pok'emon. Some Trainers prefer to use them as nannies to their children or in contests. Mewfours are very strong & can run for long periods of time. When threatened, they will attack viciously using their claws, muscles & Psychic powers. In the wild, Mewfours prefer to live in the deepest areas of forests.
This is a bio for an original Pokemon of mine.

Mewfour belongs to: :iconspellboundfox:
Companion Deviation:…
:pokeball: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo & Satoshi Tajiri-Sama.
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November 22, 2013
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