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Name: Darkness Lemonwolf
Home: Ook
Species: Baboon
Height: 3'6"
Eyes: bright green
Fur: blue & light blue
Hair: blond, prefers double ponytails style
Birthday: March 1st
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Age: 15
Tribe: Chim Foo ninjas
Scars or other markings: tattoo of Chim Foo symbol on back of right paw
Virgin: Yes
Friends: Lexy, Marilla, Webster, Rex, Whisper, Enzo, Loch, Isota, Tonic, Jitter, Trollbite, Sabre, Master Shade
Crushes: Tesen & Groot
Hero: Mysterious Warrior
Likes: jumping, painting, ninjas, flowers, music, Homestuck, Pokemon, magic, eating, climbing, bouncing, sleeping, skirts, jewelry, Bathogs, night time, photography, collecting, comics, candy
Dislikes: pants, water, swimming, fighting, bullies, being bossed around, zombies, being ignored, loud noises, fish, poison, snow, ice, pirates
Favorite foods: razzberries, chicken, pumpkin pie, coconut, mango, chocolate milk, onion, pork, garlic, grasshoppers, almond, bamboo, sugar cain, peanut, cereal, orange juice, red wine, marshmallow, cake
Preferred weapons: popcorn gun, swords, dragon staff, pumpkin bombs, Shurikens
Elements: air & fire
Pet: Trollbite the Bathog

Trivia: Darkness is left-pawed.
She doesn't like to swim because she almost drowned at a young age.
The first time that Darkness ventured through Rachnok's Lair, she came across a Bathog who had been trapped in a floor web. She took pity on the little creature & rescued her from the large spider that had spun the web. The 2 have been best friends since then.
Her favorite creatures to battle are spiders & bears.
Darkness & Trollbite live in a large tree that overlooks a canyon.
She hopes to become the leader of the Chim Foo ninjas someday.
I really enjoy playing Monkey Quest. It's my favorite MMORPG, even though I haven't played many yet. This is a profile for my monkey avatar.

Darkness Lemonwolf belongs to :iconspellboundfox:
Marilla Geekcrafter belongs to: :iconsapphire2012:
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December 2, 2013
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