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Name: Ness☆
Nicknames: Mayor Ness☆, Wolfy, Nessu, My love, Sweetheart, Ms. Ness☆, lady bro
Universe: Animal Crossing, New Leaf
Home: Icy☆Wolf
Species: Chimera
Race: Caucasian, pale
Height: 5'3”
Eyes: pale green, slit pupils
Hair: light blue or deep blue, usually short
Birthday: March 1st
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: female
Approximate age: 27
Scars or other markings: freckles
Boyfriend: Hippeux
Friends: Hippeux, Chief, Merry, Merengue, Skye, Lobo, Pelly, Blathers, K. K., Rene, Coco, Winnie, Sly, Lily, Kicks, Isabelle, Wolfgang, W. Link, Pietro, Ankha, Olivia, Harry, Tank, Pecan, Sapphire, Jordana, Wendell, Don, Katrina, Julian
Crushes: Chief, Lucky, Julian
Enemies: Eloise, Phyllis, Sonny
Careers: Mayor, fashion designer, artist, barista
Virgin: Yes
Likes: fishing, swimming, animals, sleeping, spending time with her boyfriend, collecting, cooking, traveling, earning Bells, art, gardening, music, dancing, kissing, talking to friends, running, exercise, style, cuddling, roses, violets, wolves, dogs, cats, night, stars, decorating, reading, mantis, horseshoe crab, star fish, TV, painting, rainbows, Perfect fruit, dinosaurs, checkerboard patterns, scuba, sharks, gold, silver, ice, snow, umbrellas, scifi, fantasy, sparkles, Asian culture, space, fancy clothes, fire crackers, puzzles, pajamas, silk
Dislikes: the ocean, spiders, being alone, waking early, birds, dirt, thieves, weeds, arachnids, Phyllis, Resetti Center, sea jelly, bullies, Kappas, being in the sun for too long, tanning, bitter food, sour food, Pompom
Fears: losing, abandonment, bees, be bullied, Rasher, scars, blood, broken glass, losing her friends, her mental illness becoming worse, drowning, mice, sunburn
Favorite colors: blue, black, red, orange
Favorite foods: pie, sushi, burgers, fruit juice, soda, pear, apple, mango, cherry, ice cream, whipped cream, cheese, chocolate, strawberry, pasta, stir fry, rice, turkey, slushie, tuna, crab, peas, garlic, tea, cocoa, grilled cheese, salt, mocha, mint, cake
Jewelry: 1 piercing in each ear
Languages: Common, Japanese, Danish, canine, English
Powers & abilities: speed, sneaky, magic studies, strength, keen hearing

Trivia: Ness always has on eyewear, most of the time a ballroom mask.
Ness is a shy person & will take her time when approaching a new Villager, unless she sees something about them that she likes.
She suffers from chronic depression.
Ness tends to emotionally cling to those she dubs her favorites.
She hates birds, excluding eagles.
Ness is a pacifist.
If she doesn't like somebody, she'll completely ignore them.
Ness is known to change her hair style every few months. She favors it being the color blue consistently.
She can be impulsive when it comes to shopping.
Ness loves to give her friends gifts.
She & Hippeux are sweethearts. They enjoy sharing umbrellas, dancing, dates & having deep conversations. Ness can't say 'no' to him.
It secretly bothers Ness that she can't write back to her parents whenever she receives mail from them.
She likes to stay up late.
Below her hips, Ness has fluffy wolf legs.
Other canine feature she carries are her ability to easily stay active during night time, see in the dark, keen hearing, stalking, howling.
She wears a prosthetic wolf tail whenever she feels down. It helps her feel closer to her roots & boosts self-esteem.
She studies under Katrina for magical history & other related things.
Stats & trivia for my Animal Crossing Villager

Mayor Ness☆ and Icy☆Wolf belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Skye & Animal Crossing belong to Nintendo.
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