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Ness Wolfess

Servants & guests scattered in fear as Lord Sesshomaru stepped silently into the palace & straight towards where Evie stood, his eyes fixated on the infant in her arms. He moved rather quickly, determination on his face. In a flash, Inuyasha sprung from where he had been sitting, drinking saki & eating with guests, to stand at Evie's side with a hand upon Tetsusaiga's hilt, ready to draw it. When it looked as if the 2 men were about to collide, Sesshomaru halted in his tracks. He simply glanced at Inuyasha, then returned his focus onto Evie. She stood firm, gazing up into her child's father's eyes with no fear. Evie knew that he would not harm them, even if Inuyasha thought otherwise. Inuyasha glared at his half brother, hand poised on his sword as he & what few guests that hadn't somehow fled from the dining hall looked on. Sesshomaru raised his hand & reached out towards the baby. Evie turned Riiko enough that he could see her face. The 3-week-old old pup blinked her large, goldenrod eyes & looked around before focusing on the clawed hand above her. Riiko's black, canine ears twitched & she reached out to grab at Sesshomaru's index finger. As soon as they made contact, a rare thing happened. The demon lord's face relaxed & eyes became half lidded, the slightest of smiles gracing his mouth.
“What is her name?” He asked, keeping his gaze fixed upon the child. Sesshomaru brushed aside Riiko's bangs & studied the facial markings that were so similar to his own as Evie spoke.
“Our daughter's name is Riiko. It means jasmine.” She replied & stared over at Inuyasha, who was still tense, & laid a hand upon his cheek. He let out a sigh & relaxed his stance at the touch. Inuyasha's arms returned to his sides, but kept an eye on Sesshomaru as the elder continued to interact with Riiko.
“Inuyasha & I will take our meeting with Lord Sesshomaru to our private quarters.” Evie announced & tucked Riiko back into the sling around her chest. She spun on her heel & lead the way deeper into the small palace with the dog demon brothers in tow. The walk through the halls was silent, Inuyasha feeling nervous & Sesshomaru indifferent towards the aura given off by his brother. After a few minutes, Evie stopped at the entrance that lead to a sort of apartment-like area that was only for her, Inuyasha & their youngster. Not waiting for any help, she slid open the door & walked inside. Sesshomaru easily pushed himself past Inuyasha, who begrudgingly entered last, closing the door behind him. Evie strode over to a bassinet that was set beside a dining table for 4, removed the sling from around her shoulder & turned to fully face the 2 demon lords. Sesshomaru broke his ever-present gaze from Riiko & looked between the 2 of Inuyasha & Evie. Before she could say anything, Inuyasha spoke up for the first time.
“Sesshomaru, why are you here?” He growled aggressively. Sesshomaru let out a sigh before answering.
“To see my daughter, of course.” He replied & Evie shook her head slowly, mismatched eyes down-cast.
“He means, why did you come to the celebration after saying before that you had no interest in sticking around after we discovered I was pregnant, Sesshomaru.” She said & Inuyasha nodded in agreement.
“Yeah! Did you just suddenly change your mind or something? Doesn't seem like you to go back on your word.” He added & the taller demon took a while this time to answer. It seemed that he hadn't considered it before.
“I did because I wanted to meet my offspring. Hearing of this 'celebration' as you call it peaked my interest. I had been keeping track of the time Evie was with child & when the time came, all I had to do was find this town.” Sessshomaru finally said & then returned his gaze back to the bassinet where Riiko lay.
“I would very much like to continue seeing Riiko.” He continued & strode over to her. Evie & Inuyasha stepped aside to allow Sesshomaru to do this, watching as he bent over the bed to get a better look at the small being within. It seemed that he only wanted to be near Riiko, but Inuyasha stayed alert anyway. Evie nodded to him & went to stand at Sesshomaru's side. He held his hand out to his daughter again, the back of it pressed gently to her chest as to feel the tiny heartbeat & breaths she took. Sesshomaru couldn't recall ever seeing a baby before in his long lifetime & this one, though half human, was his own blood. There was this presence of odd emotions he hadn't experienced since he first came to care for Rin.
“This must be what Father felt when he first laid eyes on you, brother.” Sesshomaru said in a soft tone. Evie tenderly placed her hand upon his left shoulder & the demon lord turned his head towards her.
“You may come to visit her as often as you like.” Evie offered & Sesshomaru smiled bigger this time. He stood up straight, expression becoming calm again.
“Yes, I'd like that.” He replied then paused for a long moment, as his mind wandered.
“I intend to take her away with me when your days run out, Evie.” Sesshomaru announced & Inuyasha's eyes grew wide & temper spiked. However, he was able to keep his tone down as to not frighten the baby. Inuyasha swiftly moved between them, shoved Evie back & was up in his brother's face, a finger extended to make his point clear.
“You will never have Riiko as long as I live & breathe, Sesshomaru. The day you take her away from us is the day I rot in the ground. This child is not mine, but I will raise her as my own. I swear it to the both of you.” He snarled, looking between his mate & brother when speaking the last part of his threat. Sesshomaru's eyebrows raised at this & he took a step back from the angered man. Evie wrapped her arms around Inuyasha's chest as to attempt to calm him. She glared at Sesshomaru as well, but said nothing as to not make the situation more difficult.
“We will see about that, little brother.” He responded, whether it was a threat or not was vague to the 2 of them.
“I will take my leave now. See you soon, Evie. Take good care of our daughter.” He said & bowed before exiting.
After waiting until the sound of Sesshomaru's footsteps had faded, Inuyasha sighed. He turned to Evie, firmly took her by the shoulders & stared deeply into her eyes, his face stern. Inuyasha lifted his left hand and pressed its thumb against her lower lip. Out of habit, Evie opened her mouth slightly to allow her mate's finger inside.
“I love you, but...” Inuyasha said in a low tone that matched his expression. His index finger also slid inside and took hold underneath of the Shapeshifter's tongue, clutching it firmly. Inuyasha made sure to press the tip of his thumb's claw down into the moist flesh. Evie flinched in pain, but stayed silent & kept eye contact.
“Don't break my heart again, Evie. There is a side of me you must never see.” Inuyasha ordered. After a couple of seconds, he released his mate's tongue & stepped back. Evie trembled & lifted her left hand to her mouth, checking for blood. Seeing she was distracted, Inuyasha walked out of the room as well. He was very angry & needed some time to himself.
This is an entry from an Inuyasha fanfic I've been working on since 2005. In this part, Sesshomaru crashes a party that had been held in celebration of the birth of Evie's first child, Riiko. The 2 of them had a sort of 1 night stand. I so do love to write drama & these characters are dear to my heart. :heart:
See the urls below for more information on the OCs that appear & story's setting.

Evie the Wolf & Riiko belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Lord Sesshomaru & Inuyasha belong to Rumiko Takahashi.
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traycon300 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Interesting. I like it. ^-^ I'd love to see moar of this. C:

SpellboundFox Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
traycon300 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
^-^ I'm a sucker for InuYasha, lol. Especially Sesshomaru...:D

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