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Name: Riiko (Ree-ko)
Name meaning: jasmine
Nicknames: Princess Riiko, half-breed, demon child, Puppy, Acid Fingers, small one, baby girl
Title: none yet
Gender: female
Universe: Inuyasha, after death of Naraku AU
Home: Northwestern lands of Feudal Japan
Species: Hanyou (half demon)
Height: 3'6”
Eyes: goldenrod
Hair: pure black, glossy & long
Human form eyes: brown
Human form hair: same as normal
Skin: pale beige
Birthday: November 29th
Sexuality: unknown
Age: newborn when first introduced, 4 later on, 13 in another time-skip
Mother: Lady Evie the Wolf
Father: Lord Sesshomaru, but is looked after by Inuyasha
Siblings: InuIsamu & Rin
Other family: Inu-no-Tashio (grandfather on father's side), Inukimi (grandmother on father's side), Inuyasha (uncle/adoptive father), 2 unnamed aunts (Evie's sisters), Yukiko (grandmother on mother's side) & unnamed grandfather (mother's side)
Career: Princess
Virgin: Yes
Scars or other markings: light purple demonic blaze marks on each cheekbone, skin of fingertips are light green, blue moon marking on the center of forehead & red eyelids
Likes: toys, running, flowers, digging, hot springs, having her hair done, bouncy things, cats, mice, trees, climbing, butterflies, stars, fireflies, dogs, horses, gems, swimming, snow, raw meat, feathers, berries, music
Dislikes: being too hot, Jakin, sticky stuff, flying, blood, when adults fight, loud sounds, being in human form, sugary food
Fears: feral demons, crowds, drowning, being apart from family, snakes, being too cold, darkness
Favorite colors: green, purple, red
Favorite foods: candy, oranges, tea, soup, raw meat, chicken, pork, cake, low sugar lemonade, peaches, noodles, yakitori
Personality: joyful, energetic, crafty, curious, independent, noble, affectionate
Hobbies: melting things, playing, spending time with family, swimming, gardening, exploring, pottery
Powers (so far discovered): Poison, speed, intelligence
Jewelry: jeweled anklets, neck ribbon

Trivia: While heading towards Evie's hometown, she & Inuyasha ran into Sesshomaru & the 2 dog demons had an argument. The following night, Sesshomaru appeared to her to apologize for injuring her mate, then unintentionally captivated her. The two had sex & Evie became pregnant. Inuyasha was of course furious, but refused to leave her as she was already his mate & Sesshomaru had no interest in sticking around. However, he did visit Evie's hometown shortly after Riiko was born & checks in on her each month.
A festival was held in celebration of her birth in Evie's hometown.
Being half demon instead of 1/4th demon like her brother, Riiko has a calmer demeanor, but her temper is more violent.
The night that she takes on human form is the full moon.
Riiko is a heavy sleeper.
Inuyasha had parts of his fire rat robes crafted into articles of clothing for his son & daughter after their births. They are rarely seen not wearing them.
Sesshomaru said during his first visit with Riiko that he intends to take her away after Evie's death. This has sparked a new hatred between him & Inuyasha.
The pants that Riiko wears are Inuyasha's fire rat, but hemmed to fit her.
Riiko was always going to be Evie's first child, but somewhere along the way, I came up with her having poison powers. I realized that after some recent research that Inuyasha does not have this ability in his genes, oops. OMG!  Being the stubborn author that I am, I have kept it in. The change of Riiko's father would create conflict between the characters, so that's more writing & I love lots of drama in my plots! When I get around to starting the story that Riiko & her brother make their first appearance in, it will open with her birth then a flashback. Do people still do that? I didn't ever want Eevee to have sex with Sesshomaru, so that part of the fanfic will be difficult to craft.
Riiko was named after the main character from Absolute Boyfriend, a romantic comedy manga series. I highly recommend it to you, my friends! :lol:

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Riiko, Evie, Yukiko & InuIsamu belong to: :iconspellboundfox:
Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi-San.
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June 9, 2015
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