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Name: InuIsamu ( Ee-nu ee-sah-moo)
Name meaning: courageous/brave dog
Nicknames: Puppy, Imp, the hungry one, son of Inuyasha, Baby InuIsamu
Title: none yet
Universe: Inuyasha, after death of Naraku A/U
Home: Northwestern lands of Feudal Japan
Species: Hanyou (1/4th demon)
Height: 2'6”
Eyes: goldenrod
Hair: pure white with grey highlights, thick & medium length
Human form eyes: green
Human form hair: pure black, thick & medium length
Birthday: 4th of May
Sexuality: unknown
Gender: male
Age: newborn when introduced, 2 years old later on
Scars or other markings: blue demonic blaze marks on each cheekbone
Mother: Lady Evie the Wolf
Father: Lord Inuyasha
Sibling: Riiko
Other family: Lord Sesshomaru (uncle), Inu-no-Tashio (grandfather on father's side), 2 unnamed aunts, Yukiko, (grandmother on mother's side)unnamed grandfather, (mother's side) Izayoi (grandmother on father's side)
Career: Prince
Virgin: Yes
Skin: medium
Likes: food, animals, wool, chewing, biting, soft music, sleeping, fish, green leaves, mud, sheep, song birds, being held & carried, dragons, toys, horses
Dislikes: thunder, being wet, wood, being denied food, poison, having his ears pulled or pinched, being too hot
Fears: fire, feral demons, falling, being alone, being hungry, cuts
Favorite colors: green, red, pink, yellow
Favorite foods: apple, milk, honey, ice, chicken, fish, fried rice, grilled rabbit, sweet mochi, raspberries, ice cream, green beans, pineapple, noodles, tofu, leeks, melon
Personality: energetic, happy, curious, timid, passionate, ill-tempered
Hobbies: eating, playing, sleeping, biting, chewing, spending time with family, painting, rolling around
Powers (so far discovered): screech, poison detection, sharp senses
Jewelry: tiara with rubies, leather & bone necklace, hair beads
Element: unknown

Trivia: InuIsamu is the only member of his family with a tail.
He has a ravenous appetite, inherited from his father.
The night InuIsamu becomes human is on the half moon.
It was decided by Inuyasha that he is to inherit Tessaiga when older.
InuIsamu will scratch & bite anyone who touches his ears roughly, so Evie is sure to warn people not to do so when they come near him.
Because of his love of food, InuIsamu has been labeled as 'The Hungry One' by the royal staff.
Inuyasha had parts of his fire rat robes crafted into articles of clothing for his son & daughter after their births. They are rarely seen not wearing them.
I have few characters with tails, InuIsamu being one of them. I was inspired by a Sesshomaru/Inuyasha fan fiction many years ago by another author to give him one.
InuIsamu is the son of my OC Evie & Inuyasha from a story of mine I'll be working on writing later. He doesn't have much of a personality of his own yet, but that's ok with me because he's still just a baby.

Evie the Wolf:…
Riiko, Eevee, Yukiko & InuIsamu belong to: :iconspellboundfox:
Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi-San.
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June 9, 2015
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