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Name: Evie the Wolf
Nicknames: Mate of Inuyasha, demon lover, she-who-walks-in-wolf's-skin
Title: Lady Evie
Universe: Inuyasha, after death of Naraku AU
Home: Northwestern lands of Feudal Japan
Species: Human who possesses shape-shifting abilities
Race: Asian (medium skin tone)
Height: 5'4”
Eyes: left is light blue & right is light green
Hair: pure black with blond streaks framing her face & short when introduced, much longer later on
Birthday: March 1st
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: female
Age: 17 when introduced, 24 later on
Scars or other markings: silver bless marking on left cheek, claw scars along chest & hips, scar on left side of jaw
Mother: Yukiko
Father: (currently unnamed)
Mate: Inuyasha
Siblings: 2 sisters (currently unnamed)
Enemies: Naraku, Kikyo, Kagome, Myoga
Friends: Totosai, sisters, Inuyasha, her children, pets, Saki, Yukiko, Koga
Offspring: Riiko & InuIsamu
Pets at home: 2 horses, pond full of fish
Career: traveler when introduced, mother & princess later on
Virgin: No
Likes: singing, traveling, cooking, reading, sex, painting, animals, climbing trees, spending time with family, sneaking around, playing with her pets, horse-back riding, sparing, rain, marbles, petting Inuyasha & her children's ears
Dislikes: Naraku, night, when other women get too close to her mate, when her children cry, fighting, bad food, wearing shoes inside, wells, blood
Fears: death, ghosts, Naraku, family becomes hurt or death of family, rape, feral demons, being alone, drowning, falling from a great height, Sesshomaru taking Riiko away, burns, Soul Collectors
Favorite colors: green, blue, gold, purple
Favorite foods: dumplings, noodles, bread, cauliflower, cheese, tea, sugar, sushi, ginger, peas, chocolate, samosas
Personality: loyal, fierce, jealous, kind, motherly, passionate, brave, protective, adventurous, lustful, intelligent
Powers: Shape shift into beasts at will, intelligence, climbing skills, endurance
Jewelry: silver chain necklace with gem medallion, golden tiara with rubies
Animal forms: giant wolf, snake, songbird, hawk

Trivia: Evie discovered her powers at the age of 13.
She was trained by wolf demons on how to use her wolf form properly.
Evie was blessed by a priest from her hometown, thus the silver-ish mark on her face & great endurance despite being human.
Evie is very different from other women of her time, being independent, strong-willed & fierce.
She befriended Inuyasha because of her fascination with demons, liked his personality & by giving him a jewel shard she had taken from an animal that had attacked her before their first meeting.
Evie is left-handed.
Her family is somewhat royal.
Evie doesn't like to be touched by those she does not know.
She has a bad temper.
Evie traveled alone from the ages of 14 to 17, until she met Inuyasha & he decided to stay by her side as they fell in love.
She will not think ahead of time & jump into a fight when the opportunity arises. This slowly changed as Evie realized that she had to be careful for her children's sake.
Evie is shy unless she sees something she wants.
She is quite lustful & loves sex.
Evie enjoys massaging Inuyasha's ears & scalp.
After settling back in her hometown, she was able to convince Inuyasha to start sleeping on new moon night.
Her favorite ways of relaxing are bathing in hot springs & sleeping.
Evie is is a proud woman & doesn't care what others think of her having Inuyasha as her mate or demon children.

Bird form colors: songbird is white, brown & light blue, hawk form is black & yellow with white breast
Bird form height: songbird is 4 inches, hawk is 1'2” ft
Bird form abilities: speed, loud voice, keen vision, flight
Wolf form colors: dark brown with light yellow underbelly & tail tip
Wolf form height: 5'8”
Wolf form eyes: same as human
Wolf form abilities: strength, able to run for extended time, speed, loud voice, bite, keen vision, speed
Snake form colors: black, blue & green
Snake form length: 7 ft
Snake form abilities: stealth, strong swimmer, climbing, keen vision, speed
This is the main character from my Inuyasha story I started in 2005. I have decided to not write the entire story that I'd originally planned. After I have finished up my current story, I'll start working on a time-skip story of Evie & Inuyasha's lives after Naraku's death. I didn't originally intend for her to be a princess, I just like royalty a lot! She was, at first, just a traveling woman. :shrug: Her wardrobe consists of slightly-fancy & comfortable green kimonos that have pants underneath. (small white birds & white & orange flowers is what I imagine is on her every-day wear)

Evie the Wolf, Riiko, InuIsamu, Saki & Yukiko belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi-San.
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June 9, 2015
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