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Inktober 2016: The New Baby (Story) by SpellboundFox Inktober 2016: The New Baby (Story) by SpellboundFox
Written & edited by Ness Wolfess

It's really fluffy. What is it?” Riiko asked as she stared at the 2-week-old infant in her mother's arms, swaddled in a fuzzy, salmon pink blanket. Evie smiled at her daughter sweetly as she ran the back of one finger over the baby's left cheek.

He's a baby, Riiko. Just like you were once.” She replied from the bed she was sitting in. Even though it had been a fortnight since his birth, Evie's midwives & doctor had forbidden the young royal from leaving it. So Inuyasha had brought Riiko over to see the newest member of the family.

His name is InuIsamu. I chose it, means courageous.” He said, standing just behind Riiko with both hands upon her small shoulders. She tilted her head upwards to gaze at her adoptive father, curiosity shining in her young eyes. Inuyasha sighed to himself when her bangs fell away to expose the deep blue, crescent moon marking on the center of her forehead. He pushed the thoughts of the elder demon lord from his mind & picked Riiko up, then placed the 4-year-old on his hip before joining his mate on the comfy mattress. Riiko leaned in close to get a better look at InuIsamu. The 1/4th demon pup had large, goldenrod eyes that looked all around himself. His hair was sheer white & silky, with fluffy bangs framing his plump cheeks that sported the hereditary jagged, blue dog demon markings. Among that soft hair was a pair of folded-over, delicate canine ears. The fur on them was pure white as well. Though it was not visible right now, InuIsamu also had a tiny, canine tail covered in fur similar to that on his head, trailing half way up along his spine. All 10 fingers bore small, sharp claws that were sure to become deadly weapons when he came of the age to be able to battle. But for now, all they could do was harmlessly poke whenever he grabbed at. Evie swapped InuIsamu to her left arm so she could wrap the right around her lover's waist & pull him closer to cuddle. Together, the small family lay in the bed & just talked. Riiko asked what seemed like a million questions about her new, baby brother. Evie jubilantly answered them all, the best that she could. After a while, the baby in her arms began to fuss due to being tired of all the attention. Inuyasha slowly stood up again, taking Riiko with him. She protested a bit too loudly at this, wanting to stay with her mother she had been away from for almost a month now. Evie allowed a big hug just before the head midwife escorted Inuyasha & Riiko out. After a feeding & diaper change, the little demon child and his mother settled down into their fluffy bed & fell asleep. The midwife closed the curtains as to shut out the setting sun & backed out of the room quietly. Down the hallway, distant voices of Inuyasha & Riiko could be heard. More questions, some new & some that she'd already asked before poured from the toddler's mouth. Having a new sibling at such a young age was strange, but exciting at the same time. Soon enough, Evie & the new baby would leave the isolated room & things would only become more busy from there on. Inuyasha was nervous for all of it, but knew that it would be great as well.

Artist comment: If it wasn't made clear to anyone reading this, InuIsamu is the child of Evie & Inuyasha. Riiko is his half sister. I also wrote out 1 entry for when she was a baby. It'll be in the listing below. Evie is wearing white in this piece instead of her normal green because she's in a hospital setting. This was my first time drawing humanoid children, so please go easy on me.
Inuyasha & Lord Sesshomaru belongs to Rumiko Takahashi-San.
Evie, Riiko & InuIsamu belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Poise used for reference belongs to :iconpatsuko:…
Baby Riiko introduction:…

traycon300 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
D'aww, cuteness!!! :3

InuIsamu is adorable, and Riiko is sooo cuuute!!! :D

SpellboundFox Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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