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Name:  Howlite
Aliases: Kloud, Big Wolf
Universes: Steven Universe & Gem Grumps/Crystal Grumps
Home: Gemworld
Earth location: Beach City
Species: Gem
Height: 7'1”
Eyes: pale green
Hair: light grey
Creation date: July 17th
Sexuality: heterosexual
Gender: agender, but appears male
Age: 7,010 Earth years
Age he appears: 25
Scars or other markings: small chip in his gem, scar on forehead, grey veins along skin
Body type: muscular & sturdy
Weapon: iron knuckles
Gemstone: Howlite, oval
Gemstone location: right bicep
Gem type: inoborate mineral
Partner: Aquamarine
Friends: Aquamarine, Daisy, Vidalia, Kiki, Jenny, Buck, Mr. Smiley, Barry, Suzy, Arin, Holly, Jon, Ross, Lars, Kevin Abernathy, Ronaldo, Kevin, MatPat
Likes: fighting, video games, showing off, smoking marijuana, surfing, exploring, TV, reading, cooking, movies, animals, music, being fused, bonfire parties, climbing
Dislikes: Homeworld, working, being without Aquamarine, direct heat, others getting into his business, his illness, Brian, Danny
Fears: death, outer space, bears, insects, Malachite, betrayal, losing Aquamarine, death of Daisy, return to Homeworld, going blind, not being accepted, imprisonment, being alone
Personality: brash, fearless, loving, mysterious, impulsive, controlling, paranoid, passionate, fierce, lazy
Powers & talents: shape shifting, strength, light, speed, imitation, healing
Jewelry: earrings
Fusion: Hemimorphite

Trivia: Howlite was originally sent along with MatPat to capture the Crystal Grumps. He fled in fear after Malachite was formed.
His gem was chipped after MatPat's ship crashed & this caused him to go mad. He kept the pieces that were separated.
He appeared to Aquamarine sometime later & the 2 became a couple.
Howlite lost a lot of confidence after damaging his gem & will not do most things without Aquamarine with him.
He & Aquamarine are the first Gems to use marijuana.
Even though Howlite has healing powers, he is unable to repair himself.
Symptoms of his illness include fits of rage, incoherent speech & cravings.
Howlite smokes marijuana or fuses with Aquamarine to medicate himself.
He enjoys the company of humans & attending social gatherings.
Howlite & Aquamarine are mostly independent of the Crystal Grumps, but will aid in fending off threats from off-planet.
A bio for my boyfriend's Gemsona, included with backstory. Before rebelling, he served White Diamond. I hope to do more art of him soon. My Crystal Gems characters exist in the YouTuber AU, in which the characters are based off of YouTubers such as the Game Grumps, NateWantsToBattle & Markiplier. I chose this because I love the idea of the Grumps & their friends being Gems.

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar.
Howlite 'Kloud Wolf', Aquamarine 'Ness' & Daisy belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Aquamarine's bio:…
Daisy's bio: (coming soon)
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November 10, 2016
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