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Name: Aquamarine
Aliases: Ness, Ice Wolf, Ice Gem
Universes: Steven Universe, Gem Grumps/Crystal Grumps
Home: Gemworld
Earth location: Beach City
Species: Gem
Height: 6'4”
Eyes: blue with highlights
Hair: dark blue, a bit thick down to lower back
Creation date: March 1st
Gender: agender, but appears female
Age: 7,290 Earth years
Age she appears: 25
Scars or other markings: freckles on back, forelegs & forearms
Body type: thin, but muscular
Weapon: xiaolin staff tipped with ice spikes
Gemstone: aquamarine, rectangular
Gemstone location: center of sternum, above bust
Gem type: beryl
Partner: Howlite
Familiar: Daisy
Friends: Daisy, Howlite, Sour Cream, Vidalia, Kiki, Connie, Jenny, Buck, Nanefua, Mr. Smiley, Mr. Fryman, Barry, Suzy, Danny, Arin, Holly, Brian, Jon, Lars, Kevin Abernathy, Peedee, Mark, Topaz
Crushes: Danny, Brian, Kevin (drag racer), Arin
Likes: music, dancing, being fused with Howlite, eating, video games, ice, surfing, painting, animals, nature, science, reading, picnics, movies, singing, exploring, soda, bonfire parties, smoking marijuana, sleeping, movies, cartoons
Dislikes: MatPat, Homeworld, cars, most machines, vampires, bugs, fighting, outer space, being alone, Ross, Manticore, loud sounds, war, liars, salt, babies, Ronaldo
Fears: the ocean, outer space, her gem gets damaged, death, losing friends, losing Daisy, death of Howlite, being crushed, falling from a high place, betrayal, returning to Homeworld, Malachite, Corrupted Gems
Favorite foods: sushi, cheese, pork, chicken, pastries, sugar, chocolate, coconut, berries, pumpkin, curry, ice cream, doughnuts, potato, steak, barbecue, garlic, pasta, corn bread, green bean, snow pea, endive, eggs, candy, melon, croissant, apple, peach
Personality: shy, friendly, submissive, passionate, quiet, kind, intelligent, attentive, easy-going
Powers: shape shifting, speed, strength, memory, ice, gravity, create sparkles
Jewelry: golden bracelets
Fusion: Hemimorphite

Trivia: Aquamarine has her own familiar. Daisy is a German Shepard-like creature who is black with hyper-color highlights on her face & paws.
Since living on Earth, she has adopted the name 'Ness' & prefers to be called that.
Aquamarine served Blue Diamond before fleeing to Earth with the Crystal Grumps.
She, Howlite & Daisy are mostly independently of the other Crystal Grumps & will only help fight when things from off-planet attack.
Howlite & her prefer to be fused most of the time. This fusion is named Hemimorphite.
Aquamarine is one of few Gems who enjoys eating.
She regularly wears a breastplate to protect her gem from harm.
Aquamarine is the dominate personality of Hemimorphite.
She has the habit of taking the form of a wolf.
Due to her partner Howlite's gem being damaged, she took it upon herself to take care of him. One method of therapy is to fuse for extended amounts of time.
Aquamarine misses her Diamond, thus why her armor still bears Blue Diamond's emblem.
She gives off sparkles of light during her Fusion Dance.
I have 3 Steven Universe OCs. There's Aquamarine who is based off of me, her familiar Daisy who is based off of my dog & Howlite who's based off of my Kimesis. They exist in the YouTuber alternate universe. If you're unaware of the Crystal Grumps/Gem Grumps, just look them up on Tumblr or Deviant Art.

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar.
Aquamarine 'Ness', Daisy & Howlite 'Kloud Wolf' belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Daisy's bio: (coming soon)
Howlite 'Kloud Wolf's bio:…
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November 8, 2016
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